Charles Manson Released – Working with FBI

Breaking News – January 31, 2010

This morning, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert Mueller, shocked the world with his announcement that after 39 years behind bars, Charles Manson had been released from prison and was the new spokesperson for the agency’s “End Murder” campaign.

“In the past, Charlie was responsible for some horrific acts. He knows all about murder, torture and barbarism. We could not have selected a better person to speak out and help to educate our youth on the evils of murder.” The FBI chief said.

The 76 year old Manson could not be reached for comment but was reported as being elated at his newly achieved freedom and second chance at life. Rumors of Manson adopting a child buzzed among the inmates of Corcoran State Prison in California.

Sound preposterous? Of course it does. However, a similar situation exist between admitted torturer, mutilator and murderer of dogs, Michael Vick and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Wayne Pacelle.

The HSUS stated mission is:


Now, while I can certainly understand Mr. Pacelle’s desire to combat animal cruelty on every front, I cannot understand nor can I accept his decision to use Michael Vick as a spokesperson speaking out against dog fighting. According to federal court documents Vick was personally involved not only in the dog fighting ring that was headquartered at his Virginia home, but also in the savage torture and murder of at least eleven (11) dogs – including two of his family’s “pets”. (For more information on Vick’s involvement, please see Michael Vick was WRONGLY CONVICTED! )

Many people are under the impression that Michael Vick has paid his debt to society and is fast becoming the poster child for second chances – including President Obama and HSUS CEO Pacelle. I, however, am not one of them.

Contrary to popular belief, Vick was never convicted of the atrocities he committed. Instead, he was allowed to plead guilty to one federal count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fight Venture”, a victimless interstate commerce offense which is kinda like getting caught smuggling cigarettes and not quite in line with the 34 separate felony charges of animal abuse that could have been levied against him, according to court documents.

In addition to appearing with Vick at HSUS “End Dogfighting” events, Pacelle is on record as saying:

I do think that if his rehabilitation progresses and he handles the probation period flawlessly, it could be a good thing for Michael Vick’s family to have a pet at the end of that process.”

This is especially interesting because in the exact same blog article, Pacelle writes:

It’s now a well-established principle within our movement that those convicted of malicious cruelty should not be permitted to have pets, at least for a number of years after a cruelty conviction, and sometimes even for life. It’s a precautionary policy, grounded on the notion that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and that it’s just very hard to know if someone has been rehabilitated. Together as a society, we are responsible for placing animals in homes where they are loved, and where they are safe.

What could possibly cause the leader of an organization like the HSUS to utter such contradictory nonsense. His statement has created a bit of a firestorm among the group’s financial supporters, many of whom have discontinued their monetary gifts. Pacelle, however, has not been deterred. He has in essence, arrogantly fingered his nose at animal rights advocates and activists alike, people who once shared a common goal with Pacelle.

While only Pacelle truly understands his unwavering motivation for supporting Vick, his actions and his words are a direct contradiction to the organization’s stated mission. Pacelle is out of touch not only with his cause, but his supporters as well.

It is time for the Board of Directors of the HSUS to take a stand and remove Wayne Pacelle from their ranks. He is no longer an effective, nor trusted leader and must be removed in order for the HSUS to continue its work.

I urge you to take a moment and sign the petition demanding the HSUS Board take administrative action in unconditionally terminating Wayne Pacelle’s continued employment. I would also urge you to discontinue any financial contributions to the HSUS and instead suggest you support your local shelters.

Sign the Petition Here –Remove Wayne Pacelle from HSUS Leadership

Thank you for your time and your continued support.

Chris Durant

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5.) Vick’s Unpaid Dues – Why Advocates Are Not Moving On
6.) Position Paper On Vick’s Desire to Own Another Dog from the Director of Vick Dog Rehabilitation

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30 Responses to “Charles Manson Released – Working with FBI”

  1. Nancy G Says:

    Another great article, Chris. Thank you and I love the analogy 🙂

  2. Brilliant, Chris. I’d like to say that the dogs Vick tortured and murdered suffered just as much as Manson’s victims. I will never believe they did not. Never. And no matter if it the victim is a human or a canine, the murderer is definitely missing something in their brain that allows them to do that and feel nothing or feel elated and I dont believe they can be rehabilitated. I’d bet money that Vick hasn’t given up his pasttime. He was only sorry he got caught.

  3. Thank you for creating further awareness of this insane partnership.

  4. Erica Popino Says:

    Laughing at the people who thought Manson was released. Rolling my eyes.
    On another note, Great article Chris!!!!!!!!

  5. Chris the agenda you approached is great !!! The way you came to it is complete lunacy!!!!! Hmmmm lets imgaine that you are a family member of the LaBianca’s or Tate’s. You are sitting at the computer someone sends this to you, heart starts racing as you open it…… and BAM complete blow out>>>> dead of a heart attack… I think you should be more responsible for your print (as should all media) then you really are!!! If there is a point to be said just say it, then compare… Just my opion. Thanks Lee

  6. Tammy Fifer Says:

    Chris, gotta love you! Analogy just so perfect! 🙂

    Vick should get a taste of his own medicine!!

  7. cliodhna3ltlbrds Says:

    A great blog again….thanks from my family (Bella & Renegade) for continuing to be a voice for the voiceless. I would love to know your thoughts on BSL laws….or Anyone’s … that is ever growing out of control problem facing all large breed dog owners.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      I think they are stupid. I do not believe that any particular breed has a particular disposition for violence. It is my opinion that you can just as easily have a Pit who is a teddy bear and a Pomeranian that is downright vicious (which actually might not be too much of a stretch based on some Poms I have encountered).


  8. Another great article Chris!!

  9. What a bunch of lunatics here. I want to protect dogs but comparing Vick to manson WOW. Doule wow.

  10. The whole analogy is the dumbet thing I ever saw. Wait no i am wrong. You are now starting a petition to remove Parcelle. Brillant. That idea is DEAD. Two years late. DEAD

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Actually, Steve, the dumbest thing (or dumbet thing) that I have seen, at least today was the compilation of your three posts. The first one may have been the best where you announced that my ‘Manson has been released’ statement was a “complete and total LIE”! Yeah, really? Nah, get outta here! Seriously? You mean Manson is still in jail? Wow, you really got me over a barrel on that one. What was I thinking? Thank you for clarifying that for us.

      “EVERYONE… just relax! Californians… STOP THE EVACUATION! Manson is still in prison. My bad, just a false alarm!”

      But then, just when I thought that it could not get any better, you sling another doozey at me – the fact that almost two hours later you came back and figured out the whole analogy thing – that my friend was AWESOME! Did someone help you with that one or did you just really put those two hours to good use? You made my day right there.

      The “lunatic” one though was just a little blase’ compared to the knee slappin’ and belly laughing your first two afforded. But I do appreciate the good times.

      Thanks, Steve


  11. Interesting approach Chris. You almost had me, until I read the entire thing.
    It is, most certainly, an attention-getter.

  12. The Michael Vick sponsorship is as preposterous as the HSUS itself. Read this: I so much wish that the world would stop being fooled by this thieving organization. A little research into the truth about the HSUS would certainly educate.

  13. The comparison doesn’t work for me. Would Vick have been fighting dogs had he grown up in white suburbia? Manson is a stark raving lunatic that wouldv’e killed no matter what and would probably resume if he were released. Vick got caught, punished and stopped killing.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Would Manson have gone on a killing spree if he lived in a predominantly African American. Urban neighborhood? Who knows? His mind is apparently broken.

      And your statement about Vick is supposition. As is every one I have made about his life after prison, I will concede that. But the level of cruelty and the detachment required to do what he did I think speaks volumes as to the savage predisposition of Vick. Everything he says now is scripted, no one really knows what he thinks or feels or if his remorse is simply over being caught. And that, I believe, is a risk that is entirely inappropriate for the head of an animal rights organization to take.

      As always, thanks for your view Mike.


      • Just as a side note – Charles Manson was not convicted, charged or admitted to murdering anyone. He was not even present during the murders. However, he has spent more time in prison that vick (not a proper name therefore, no capital letter) who was present and did murder dogs.

    • Tamara Barnes Says:

      I have to say that for anyone to perpetrate that kind of cruelty and enjoy it, that person is indeed a stark raving lunatic. We don’t know for certain that Vick has stopped at all. He has already said that if he hadn’t gotten caught, he’d still be doing the same thing. Upbringing certainly helps form who we are as adults. Once grown up, however, we are responsible for our actions and who we are.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      One more thing, Mike I am a little fuzzy on the true purpose of StopHumaneWatch. Because I would think at the end of the day that you would agree with me regarding Vick and his desire for a dog at the end of his probation. But if the goal of your organization is simply to insulate the HSUS from HumaneWatch without a true belief in its cause, I understand. But perhaps you can verify this as well, did HSUS or not receive a $50,000 donation from the Eagles?

      Please clarify because I am confused on where you stand with regards to Michael Vick.


    • Correction, he isn’t killing anymore, because they keep their eyes on him. Wait a few more years, from the moment he’s not checked up on anymore, he’ll go back to his old habbits. That’s just the type of person this is. He got caught, u’ve got that one right, but he sure didn’t get punished. What he got was peanuts, compared with the sentence some of his dogs got.

  14. Hi Chris
    Where did you get the info on Manson from…that he has been released?

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Sweetie, don’t make me fly half way around the world to shake you. Did you read the whole thing? LOL – Manson is still rotting away, as Vixk SHOULD be.

  15. Are you saying that charles manson was released from prision. If so that is a complete LIE.. A total lie.

    • Tamara Barnes Says:

      And you Steve, are a complete DORK. A total dork.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:


      • Susan Uriarte Says:

        LOL…Tamara, you are so cool, and absolutely right as well!

      • Tamara Barnes Says:

        Awww shucks … (blushing) don’t you get tired of the “opinions” from the lunatic fringe?

      • Susan Uriarte Says:

        I am 1,000% completely sick and tired of the lunatic fringe; which by definition is any person who supports a sadistic killing machine like vick! Everything that I have read about that freak of nature makes me violently sick! It also leaves me absolutely appalled and severely stunned that any rational, decent, compassionate, fair minded, logical, and intelligent person could ever forgive vick for the years and years of torture, agony, fear, neglect, rape, and murder he inflicted upon countless numbers of innocent dogs!!!

  16. Tamara Barnes Says:

    …now if Manson could only throw a football! Perhaps Pacelle’s excuse is that Vick was never “convicted” of animal cruelty. I’m working on my Vick voodoo doll dog and cat toys and the proceeds will help support 60 cats at and a local No Kill non profit, Community Animal Relief Effort. 🙂

  17. Kathy Powelson Says:

    Holy shit balls, Chris…brilliant analogy!

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