Nike: JUST DO IT! Terminate Agreement with Vick

Below is a copy of a letter that I sent to Nike’s, Chairman, CEO, Committee on Corporate Responsibility and other relevant officers. I would encourage everyone reading this to write a similar letter or feel free to copy and paste mine. But please, let the leaders of Nike know that we will not sit idly by as they willfully abort their corporate values by restoring Michael Vick to sports hero status with their once great brand.

To: Philip Knight, Chairman of the Board, NIKE Corporation
Mark Parker, CEO, NIKE Corporation
Charles Denson, President, NIKE Brand
Don Blair, VP and Chief Financial Officer
Gary M. DeStefano, President Global Operations
Maria S. Eitel, President NIKE Foundation
Elizabeth J. Comstock, Board Member
John G. Connors, Board Member
Timothy D. Cook, Board Member
Ralph D. Denuzio, Board Member
Alan B. Graf, Jr., Board Member
Orin C. Smith, Board Member
Bert Hoyt, VP Global Category Football
Tim Hersey, VP North America Retail
Elliott Hill, VP and GM North America
David Grasso, VP Global Brand Marketing

PAT ZEEDICK, VP and GM Young Athletics

Nike Corporate Responsibility Committee Members
Jill K. Conway
Douglas G. Houser
Johnathan A. Rodgers
John R. Thompson, Jr.
John C. Lechleiter, Ph.D.
Phyllis M. Wise

Other Nike Officers
Tom Peddie, VP North America Sales
Bernie Pliskie, VP and Corporate Controller
Ken Dice, VP North America Marketing
Eric Sprunk, VP Merchandising and Product
Nigel Powell, VP Global Communications
Brad Johnson, VP North America Merchandising
Trevor Edwards, VP Global Brand and Category Merchandising


Dear Sir/ Madame –

I am writing to you today to express my deep concern over your company’s decision to re-sign Michael Vick as a corporate spokesman and ambassador of your brand.

I have been a lifelong Nike customer for the last 30+ years. During that time, I can honestly say that I have never owned another brand’s athletic shoe or apparel. That, however, has changed because of your poorly thought out corporate strategy to again align yourself with Michael Vick.

In 2007, when Nike released Michael Vick, your company stated that ‘cruelty to animals was “inhumane, abhorrent, and unacceptable.”‘ To which I must now ask ‘what has changed’? Michael Vick is still guilty of barbarous acts of sadistic cruelty, torture and murder against innocent dogs. The 18 of 23 months that he spent incarcerated for “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fight Venture” does not erase that. Nor does it fulfill in the minds of thousands of animal lovers worldwide that he has truly reconciled what he did. His public appearances and statements about his involvement are scripted, flat, devoid of emotion and lacking in sincerity. Anyone who truly pays attention can see that.

With so many other untarnished, talented professional athletes to choose from, it is very sad that corporate greed would lead your once great company to historically re-sign a man who clearly has a strong degree of unchecked sociopathology. How do you change that and more importantly how does Nike justify it? How can this possibly fit within your corporate “Inside the Lines” policies?

Nike plays such a huge role in our children’s lives through youth sports. From little league to Pop Warner football, high school and collegiate athletics the world’s young people look up to and want to emulate the sports stars they see not only play their favorite games, but also endorsing and selling a company’s products.

Your decision to pull Michael Vick back into the Nike fold is a blatant slap in the face of anyone who has ever known the unconditional love of a dog. And it sends the message to parents all over the world that “if you want your child to emulate a sadistic animal abuser and murderer of innocent dogs, NIKE HAS YOUR GEAR!”

Until Nike reverses its stance on Michael Vick, I will cease to be one of your customers. Additionally I will, through my words and my voice, make sure that everyone I come in contact with – friends, family, co-workers, social acquaintances, and strangers alike that Nike has abandoned its corporate values in pursuit of unashamed, ill-gotten revenues through its relationship with this man who with forethought and malice, intentionally and with pleasure electrocuted, drowned, bludgeoned, hung and beat to death innocent dogs who didn’t perform well in his illegal activities.

I do not care for nor do I need a canned corporate response to this letter. I would much rather your once great organization do the right thing and terminate your relationship with Michael Vick.


Chris Durant
Former Nike Customer
[email redacted]

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Even More Great Links and Resources:

1.) “Michael Vick Was WRONGLY CONVICTED!” Great facts and links to actual court documents
2.) “Through Her Eyes” – Virginia’s Tale
3.) Michael Vick Deserves a Pet… Rock
4.) Tell President Obama You Do Not Agree With Him Supporting Vick
5.) Vick’s Unpaid Dues – Why Advocates Are Not Moving On
6.) Position Paper On Vick’s Desire to Own Another Dog from the Director of Vick Dog Rehabilitation


52 Responses to “Nike: JUST DO IT! Terminate Agreement with Vick”

  1. JUST DO IT, VICK MUST GO!!!! I will never buy Nike if Vick has any part of marketing the product. What he has done to all those dogs, if only by association and condoning it, should never be forgiven. It is a life he had taken, and I see no difference between human and animal as it pertains to cruelty! I will never watch a football game that he is in and nor do I feel that he has redeemed himself in anyway.

  2. Jodi Grover Says:

    I have always wore Nike Shoes and now that they are supporting a horrific, disgusting, evil,cruel person. I have stopped wearing Nike and refuse for my son to wear Nike. I would like to thank Chris for such a awesome factual letter and taking the time and effort. When I even look at Nike products it makes me sick to my stomach. I dont know how people can even support a person like Vick. In Vick’s interviews he has not said hes sorry for what he has done. Vick has been asked if he could change anything in his life what would it be. His response was change the length of his sentencing that he had to spend in jail. In my opinion that tells me hes not sorry for what he has done to those poor defenseless animals. Us ANTI-VICK people need to stick together and continue to support each other and the pitbulls. Also keep up the letters to Nike and tell them how their suh a low class company, who should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. If Nike was really smart, they would drop Vick and instead sponsor the “Vicktory dogs” and put them in a commercial. A sign of strength, perseverance, loyalty/dependability, and certainly fitness (What Pit Bull is NOT fit?). Now THAT would get the Nike buzz stirring. Instead they sign a sadistic sociopath. Poor marketing and advertising choice. They really could have capitalized in this and won the hearts of animal lovers (at least 50% of society!).

  4. Sandra Blair Says:

    I am ashamed of you! Therefore I will cease to buy any NIKE products from you. I have bought and supported your products for decades as my family is into sports. BUT NOT ANYMORE. Again, how dare you, I am ashamed to see you indorse a person such as Muchael Vick, therefore I will no longer be a customer of yours.

  5. Haven’t bought anything Nike since he’s reindorsement and will not until he is gone!!

  6. dabudooya Says:

    I have avoided these companies. I wish we were strong enough in numbers to really make a difference….I think all we do is make a lot of noise and Nike, Subway….etc. just ignore us. Very sad.

  7. Judy Cherveny Says:

    You might have forgotten what Michael Vick did, but animal lovers all over the world have not, and they will remember that Nike is sponsoring him whenever they go shopping.

  8. Linnea Heaverlo Says:

    Nike just lost my $$$, never to return. There are plenty of other products out there that work just as well if not better. To think that a group of people there at Nike made this decision is unfathomable to me. Do NONE of them own pets? Do NONE of them know the full extent of Vick’s cruelties? I don’t care if Vick’s the best football player in the world (and he certainly is NOT), football is NOT who he is…’s what he DOES. Who he IS is a depraved, cruel, despicable, evil man who will rot in hell for what he’s done. Nike, get your head out of your butts – you’ve made a huge, telling mistake. We get that you don’t give a fig about animals and soon you’ll see a difference in your almighty bottom line! Fools.

  9. Dear Nike,

    First of alll, I, like others love your product. I have been wearing mostly nothing but Nike tennis gear for years. I was really proud that you withdrew your support of Michael Vick in 2007. Now, I was appalled to learn that you reinstated your support of him. All you care about is to say that he has ‘rehabilitated’ himself. How do you rehabilitate a sadistic, sick individual who happens to be good at throwing a football?? That’s all you seem to care about. With all the great athletes out there, you choose him??? I wonder how many of you have seen what he did to these dogs? How many of you would personally put that kind of person up as a role model for your own children? I am insulted that this man, who never served one day in prison for cruelty to animals, is now “your man”. I will tell everyone I know of this (we were unaware), and I will no longer wear or buy your products until you reverse your decision. If this is the standard you are setting for kids and other impressionable people, why should I support you? I am so incredibly disappointed in your bottom line of making a buck instead of standing on principle. Where have your morals gone? All in the name of the almighty dollar?? Is a $100 million contract not enough money for him? You’ve lost a big fan.

  10. I sent a letter too and no response. Nike isn’t going to get the hint till it hits the old pocket. The good ole USA way money talks so if you want to get your point across do not buy anything Nike!!!! Watch how fast they will get the point!!!


    • You must be black ! !

      • What does race have to do with anything John?!? This is an inappropriate and ignorant comment which serves no purpose. You are not helping any animals by spewing such hate and you only sink yourself to the same level as the person you were replying to.

    • kimiller8304 Says:

      Showing your own lack of intelligence is certainly the best way to convince others to take you seriously!

    • Vick is a sociopath. The dogs weren’t his only crime, he never left the ghetto – he remained friends with drug dealers and criminals. Your stupidity reveals itself in your post. Do you know how to speak proper English?

  12. Bea Lyons Says:

    Kuddos to you Chris…well done!!!

    What truely pisses me off is this…I am a nurse, and if I were to be arrested for DUI/DWI…which most people do not feel is the end of the world…I WOULD HAVE MY NURSING LICENSE REVOKED!!! And my way to make a living and support myself taken away!!! Last time I checked…it is not a FELONY to drive under the influence OR while impaired. However, legally, the ‘system’ contends that a person such as myself (a nurse) should not have the PRIVILEDGE of continuing to practice nursing if I am the type of person who participates in DUI/DWI behavior.

    So…for anyone supporting Mr.Vick….NO…he shouldn’t be allowed THE PRIVILEDGE of going back to his former life…HE IS A FELON! Quite frankly what he did to those poor animals is the ICING on the cake. He committed crimes, and was involved in ILLEGAL activities…and the conviction landed him the title of being a felon. There are plenty of teenage boys and college aged men who would DIE for a chance to play for the pros…and he went and threw it all away.

    And Nike can suck it too! This is truely a disgrace to the American people.

  13. Vicki St Clair Says:

    I tweeted this and posted on my Facebook … boy did I get some nasty responses on Twitter! Pleased to say, received even more positive ones. Nice work Chris.

  14. Lisa Cheek Says:

    The thing that bothers me most is that I have bought Nike for years and all I get is a canned response? I don’t want my kids wearing a Nike shoe and seeing a Nike commercial on TV with Vick endorsing that shoe. The man has serious issues. He needs to be locked up for life as far as I am concerned.

  15. Heather Says:

    Thank you for writing that letter. Thank you !I wrote BET, SUBWAY and NIKE as follows:

    BET names Michael Vick Sportsman of the Year (which
    SUBWAY endorses).
    Then NIKE hires him as product endorser.

    I ask:
    BET/ NIKE/SUBWAY, please define “sportsmanship”…cause here’s what I found….
    “Fairness, ethics, morality, fellowship among competitors, a person who exhibits qualities highly regarded in sport, such as fairness, generosity”…even in children’s’ dictionaries “sportsmanship” is defined as ‘fair play, resp…ect for opponents, and gracious behavior in winning or losing”. Synonyms include: candor, fair mindedness, honor, integrity, justice, scrupulousness, the fair thing, uprightness….

    So Michael Vick is the best in the opinion of these companies of all of the tremendous sportsman in all of America ?
    One who tortures, electrocutes, beats, abuses, hangs, drowns, and all of the other countless unspeakable atrocities this ‘thing’ orchestrated…I cant even post the (horrific) images out there this monster did. Because its obscene.

    The sportsmanship award when he is the antithesis to the definition ? With so many worthy recipients ? It shows poor judgement, poor taste and heartless leadership in these companies. It sends a message that they are either trying to honour him for coming out of this “mess” a “better man”, or they are undermining the severity of the whole ordeal all together, and I don’t know which message is more insulting, both are appalling.

    “If you want to find a psychopath…start with those who find entertainment in torturing animals.”
    If you want to find corporate evil, start with those that endorse Michael Vick.

  16. Your amazing. Keep it up 🙂

  17. Once again Chris an awesome letter !!! The end of the letter using there logo !!! JUST DO IT !!!! Well done Chris !!! Arlene 🙂

  18. Don’t endorse an animal torturer!

  19. Another good letter Chris! My Rescue Dad only wears Nike but I think your argument will show him why he never can buy from them again. I’m so glad us pit bulls have you pleading our case!

  20. Great letter – let’s keep the pressure on Nike to force them to reverse this terrible decision.

  21. Thank you for the eloquently worded email, I have copied and added a few of my own choice words 🙂 and sent to the following address: I copied the list of executives, pasted it at the top of the email, and asked that it be forwarded to them. I don’t know if it will work, but it’s the only email I could find. Keep up the good words!!

  22. Linda R Says:

    Since Nike makes all those yellow wristbands, I’ve let Lance Armstrong know that I can no longer support his foundation. Which is pretty sad, since I rode in the inaugural 2004 Tour of Hope in D.C.
    Anyone aligned with Nike is tainted.

  23. Michael Vick is an atrocity and should NOT be looked at as a hero by our country’s children (or their parents!) Get rid of this guy or NIKE is going down and down hard. Play up Jay Cutler more … he is truly a man for our kids to emulate.

    I cannot understand how nobody seems to feel with their hearts anymore …. money, money, money. BLOOD money.

  24. shirley novotnik Says:

    Anyone that can be on Vick’s side deserves to be in a cell also. I know all about forgiving but we will NEVER forget what he has done to innocent animals. It is a known fact that they would also be this cruel to humans, would you forgive him for doing this to a child. It is the same scenario. Any person that would do these things to dogs that are defenseless needs a check up from the neck up. HE IS SICK!! I would not want any part of this person anywhere near me or my dogs or my children, or anyone that says he deserves to be put in the limelight or on a pedestal. This is making it look as if there is no problem with someone committing these atrocities. How can you if you love any animal forget what he did to them. I will never ever put him in a light where he looks good. HE IS NOT GOOD NO MATTER IF HE SAYS HE IS SORRY AND NO MATTER HOW MUCH WORK HE DOES IN THE COMMUNITY!! He makes me ill. I can’t even think about what he has done when I have a beautiful litter of puppies that I panic over if they get a flea on them. People today are so very pathetic and sad.

  25. michael Says:

    So he has done good for a bit…But what about all the dogs that got put down…Fuck that abuser…He should be banned for life…

  26. Animal abusers are just as bad as rapists and child abusers in my eyes, ill never forgive or forget..

    PS.. My dog enjoyed tearing up my Nike’s… All 8 pairs of them 🙂

  27. Thank you Chris Durant for sending this wonderful letter. I have already sent emails to Nike, Subway and BET. I expressed my similar displeasure and that IT IS NOT OKAY to glorify a person who abuses, tortures and kills innocent and helpless dogs for fun and entertainment. Unfortunately I was not quite as eloquent as you were. Kudos to you.

    I posted my disgust and a list of contact numbers and email addresses of Nike, BET and Subway executives on numerous facebook pages. I did this in hopes of encouraging every animal lover, that are just as appalled as I, to write in and let corporate America know that the people of America still have standards and won’t continue to support companies that glorify the heinous as role models – just because Vick has a few skills at football? Really?

    Integrity, honor and decency are still important attributes and I expect nothing less from the companies I do business with. I can always choose not to share my money with companies that have sub-standard expectations of the people that represent their company and thus their values . . . as then I can only assume they are okay with selling sub-standard products too.

    Again thanks for sending them such a heartfelt letter expressing such displeasure with restraint and class.

  28. Brittany S Says:

    To a certain extent, I can understand why so many are upset about this. However, Michael Vick has gone through numerous programs and has apologized for his actions. Do you really not believe that people can change?
    Many other athletes out there have made huge mistakes and have done things that have endangered animals and other people. All you have to do is Google how many of them have been pulled over on numerous occasions for drunk driving. Yet, companies still continue to endorse them… why? Because they’ve gone through programs, have done their time and have changed.
    Boycotting a company and continually expressing disgust over the issue isn’t going to change much… all it does is makes you look petty and unforgiving. Have a heart… Just as your animals forgive all the stupid things that you do and move on, you need to learn to forgive, forget and move the heck forward with life.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Brittany… I agree whole heartedly with you.. that is why I have been petitioning the states of Minnesota and California to have BTK and Manson released. I mean, MY GOD, they have served enough time. They have apologized. Surely their minds are fixed and they will never do anything like that again. RIght?

      I say, let them move in next door. I mean I sure you myself or better yet, you would gladly make up a room in your home for them, right?


      • See how dumb Chris is, did BTK or Manson KILLED DOGS? NO DUMBASS, thats why they still are in jail. That just how closed-minded you are. Stop trying to compared dog killings to human smart one.

    • Susan E. Says:

      Bethany, you clearly are not close enough to this to know what Michael Vick did and didn’t do. I challenge you to find any interview anywhere where he apologized. He hasn’t.

      I encourage you to read through the court documents in the link below or better yet, buy the book the Lost Dogs and read about the atrocities Michael Vick inflicted (with his two hands) on these dogs. He and one of his cohorts took turns picking up a dog and slamming her to the ground till she was dead. They took car batteries and hooked them to the dogs ears and threw them in a pool and watched as they clawed desperately to get out. This was not a traffic stop or drunk driving incident. These acts were willful, horrific and you cannot simply forget them. Just ask the young lady who was called into evaluate the dogs. She said the image of the pool with all of the claw marks is one she has yet to shake.

      Oh, and by the way, Michael Vick is “going through those programs” because the court said he had to.

      So, no, I will not forget or forgive Michael Vick for what he did. Those dogs had no voice then but I will be their voice for now and forever.

    • If the many owners and breeders who have lost their animals and their *lifetime* rights to own animals over trivial paper violations, ‘neglect’ like some tartar on teeth or overgrown nails could be given second chances, I might agree. However, for people who have been convicted of ‘crimes’ so trivial most people wouldn’t even consider them a matter of ‘abuse’, there is no second chance.

      Why should Vick be different?

    • Michael Vick has only apologized as a means to get back into the NFL. If you saw his scripted speech, you would know that it was not heartfelt and the only thing he was sorry about was getting caught. He lied about being involved with dog fighting until he had no choice but to confess the truth. As illegal and awful as that is, he didn’t stop there. His biggest crime was murder. Yes, that’s right. You seem to be forgetting that this man murdered dogs because they didn’t perform well for him, and he got enjoyment out of it. MURDERING INNOCENT ANIMALS for losing fights that they were forced to be involved in. I don’t know any parent that would want their child looking up to an athlete who could commit such acts of violence. I’m sure Nike can find a more polished, upstanding, and respectable athlete to represent them. We cheered for them when they discontinued their endorsement of him, and now they need to stop disappointing their customers and terminate their involvement with him once again. I don’t understand these companies anyway. Trying to make a hero out of a mediocre football player. He is so overrated it’s sickening. He’s a much better murderer. Let’s never forget that.

    • He has said ” I would not change a thing I have done in my life.” Now what does THAT tell YOU!

    • Brittany…..You want to compare drunk driving to animal cruelty/torture?? Please…..that makes me laugh just thinking of that logic. Sure, with my animals I’ve done stupid things. I have never tortured them/murdered them. As long as Mr. Vick is in the limelight and shows that he (and his fans/entorage) don’t give a rats ass for those dogs that were murdered (and those who survived), don’t even ask those of us who are dog lovers to forgive/forget/move the heck forward with life. As my husband knows, I am not one to forgive someone who will hurt/murder an innocent (be they children/animals/seniors/those who can’t answer for themselves).

    • Laurie Lamarche Says:

      No Brittany…in this case…NO! He was diagnosed with Anti-Social Personality Disorder from what I understand. That means Psychopath. Same brain as all the other serial killers who tortured animals. That’s why we won’t let this one go and will not move on. Well that’s just one reason. He is not sorry. He’s sorry he got caught. AND he’d still be doing it today if he hadn’t got caught. Being that pit bulls are my favorite breed it is almost impossible not to run across stupid owners who fight their dogs out of some disturbed sense of manhood. Men who despite that will take their dogs home after, stitch them up and proudly parade their dog with them around town as if his toughness is their own toughness. This is not who Michael Vick is. You need to understand that. When NOT fighting dogs, Michael Vick enjoyed torturing animals. AND he was dead sober. He laughed with his friends and did it over and over again. It was FUN to him. That is a person who is not capable of ANY empathy. Towards a dog or you if he saw you bleeding in the street. And that my dear is the rub….he is defective…imo people like him should be euthanized. They cannot be fixed. Like all serial killers, pedophiles and other people who’s brains are just plain broken. They are not capable of being sorry.

    • There are some things that you cannnot undo. Things you cannot be forgiven for. He is NOT a person that children should be looking up to. There are MANY other good athletes out there, deserving of the attention as opposed to Vick.

  29. He is a good athlete, I get that. He is also a convicted felon and shows absolutely no remorse for the senseless acts of brutality he committed. He is not fit to be in a position where he is sen as a role model for today’s youth and he does not deserve the sponsorship or endorsement of Nike, Subway or anyone else. Lets stop animal abuse completely, starting with a policy of not rewarding it!! There are other. more deserving athletes out there, pick one! I for one will never buy another product of yours until you reverse this mind boggling decision, Just say NO to Michael Vick.

  30. Deborah Says:

    Thank you Chris for taking the time and effort to write this letter.. I too will not buy another Nike product nor will I ever wear the many articles I have already. It’s all about money !!!! What was Nike thinking or maybe they gave it no thought at all ..

  31. Sharyn Casey, Frisco TX Says:

    Excellent letter Chris!! Very well written with the facts!
    I am still amazed that Nike’s Executive Team viewed this as a positive marketing campaign in a flat economy.
    Can’t wait to get my letter mailed!!!

  32. Great letter! Nike JUST DO IT or DO WITHOUT ME AS A CUSTOMER! Get rid of Vick!!!!

  33. As an Oregonian, I am beyond ashamed of Nike. Living in Eugene, where Nike was born, and it still supports the U of O, I am just sick over this. Very good letter, Chris. Did you snail mail or email this and to what address?

    • To me I see poor management with any company having anything to do with M. Vick. At the end of the year hey WILL see the difference and they deserve it. I will not have anything to do with any co. putting money in Vick’s pocket. The man is not even sorry for what he did. That there shows for sure what kind of person he is. In my eyes the companies are just as bad as M. Vick!

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