Michael Vick: A Signpost of Things to Come?

I sincerely thought I was done writing about Michael Vick and his horrific actions towards animals. I had really hoped that I was. It is not that I had found some misguided or unfounded forgiveness, but rather I was put off by the sheer ignorance of people and their ability to overlook what they think they might have known about this so-called man and his sadistic nature. As a result, I quietly set my pen down and began to mourn my fellow Americans as I tried to rationalize the state of affairs in our once great nation. This is situation, the Michael Vick Cancer, has a broader scale to it that I think needs to be addressed.

Yesterday, in celebration I can only assume of his new $100m contract with the Eagles, ESPN’s SportsCenter aired the “Top 10 Vick Moments”. If only I could have gotten my hands on the dumb ass producer who chose to put that together. Why not air “Vick’s 10 Worst Moments”? Spend thirty seconds of your precious TV time showing the victims of this ‘sports star’. This man thinks you are all sheep. He thinks if he continues to excel on the field the public will forget about his violent crimes. In his recent GQ article Vick stated –

“But what have I done to anybody? It was something that happened, and it was people trying to make some money.”

Well, Mike that is certainly one way to rationalize it. But I am thinking your PR team didn’t necessarily approve that little gaffe, did they? But sadly, he is right. Far too many Americans find it convenient to ignore what Michael Vick did simply because he’s magical to watch on the field or because he’s on their fantasy team. I actually had some idiotic woman tell me that two weeks ago. Even ESPN with all of their miles and terabytes of film has already forgotten. Or perhaps they have merely chosen not to remember – just like the woman in the bar. It was as if fantasy football held some sacred value to her.

Michael Vick is a sensational football player, of that there is no doubt. But what else is Michael Vick? I would argue that he is a diseased human, a sadist, a user, and a fraud. And he is symptomatic of what is wrong with America. What has happened to our basic values? Words like “Right and Wrong”, “Hard Work”, and “Integrity” have lost their meaning and have become clichés and punchlines.

How shallow have we become that we can overlook someone deriving sick pleasure from throwing a dog into a pool and then attaching battery cables to its ears as it struggles to climb out simply because that man can run and throw a football? I understand that football is an important part of our culture, I am a huge fan. But neither it, nor one man’s contribution to it are anywhere as important as our character and our ability to discern right action from wrong. It is what separates us – well most of us – from the rest of the animal kingdom.

If your son or daughter had a motocross star or perhaps a pop singer that they idolized and news reports began to surface that that individual had maliciously and savagely tortured, mutilated and killed dogs for nothing more than an adrenalin rush (Michael Vick, although he funded the entirety of BadNewz Kennels, did not accept proceeds from the winnings – not a single dime)- how would you react? Would you overlook these actions and agree with your son or daughter that “yeah, he can handle a bike though” or “yeah, but she sure can sing”? I can only hope that you would be disgusted and discuss their misplaced fan idol, that you would remind them of love and nurturing, you would tell them that an individual cannot be separated from their actions and that we are what we do. Would you remind them of the family pet and help them to understand the violent nature of their idol? I would like to think that you would act like a responsible parent and explain to your child that those actions were wrong and that that person is NO ONE to be looked up to for any reason.

Throughout our history as a nation, we have had others who have been sensational athletes. Men like Jim Thorpe and Jackie Robinson overcame far greater adversity than Michael Vick can ever claim to, and yet their past is not peppered with psychotic violence. Can you imagine the absolute upheaval that would have erupted had either of these two men have engaged in the actions that Michael Vick did? What has changed? We have. Our acceptance of atrocities in lieu of athletic prowess has morphed us into a people who value entertainment more than life. It reminds me of the movie “Running Man” where the world’s most popular game show consisted of human hunts.

Now, I have long tempered my words regarding this situation. I have tried to express myself professionally and without threats, wishes of violence or obscenity laced language even though in my heart that is exactly what I wanted. As a result I have had any number of morons attacking me with racial slurs, racial accusations, and arguments of inner city upbringing, while other mentally challenged people would simply utter “What the f*@k, they’re just dogs” or “you eat meat don’t you” or even the ignorant attempt to parallel what Michael Vick did to hunting. Well, while I don’t hunt, I know people who do and none of those individuals take pleasure in premeditated torture. Michael Vick did and laughed while it happened. He even had special stands built to hang poorly performing dogs. To hang them!?! That wasn’t easy. It wasn’t quick. It was torture, pure and simple.

Nike recently reversed their position regarding Vick and re-signed him to another endorsement deal. In 2007 Nike referred to Michael Vick’s actions as “inhumane, abhorrent and unacceptable.” After this new deal was inked a Nike spokesperson gave the company’s line –

“Michael acknowledges his past mistakes,” Saalfeld said. “We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field.”

Really? Nike is not sponsoring Vick for what he does off the field, but for what he does on the field. I would love to grab Nike CEO, Mark Parker by the back neck and force him to look face to face with the many victims of Vick. I want him to join his “partner” in greed and feel the perverted rush of shoving a dog’s head into a five gallon bucket of water while Vick and Philips hold its legs up, restraining the kicking dog until finally it dies.

Before we continue let’s go back to ESPN for a moment. After the inking of the Nike deal, one of their commentators added that ‘Nike likes edge. Michael Vick because of his past IS edge.” No, whoever the Hell you are, “Edge” is not torturing and mutilating dogs. That is sick, it is sadistic, and it is not to be revered, celebrated nor sponsored. Our media continue to shelter this man and the public from truly understanding what he did. But why?

I for one will never purchase another Nike product (or any from their subsidiaries) until they WILLFULLY terminate their agreement with Vick.

Unequal Technolgoies CEO, Rob Vito said

“Michael is good people. He paid his dues. President Obama reached out to him. He deserves an opportunity. This is what makes America so great. He’s moved forward. He’s a whole other person.”

Mr. Vito you are a pathetic excuse for a man. Did you know the previous monster and are now able to distinguish the two? No? But if the President with his untarnished ethics can “reach out” for him, he must be good. I want your children, Mr. Vito, to watch as their father uses a shovel to beat the family dog to death while Vick stands by and laughs. Mr. Vito, you are joke.

I want NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Eagles Owner Jeffery Lurie to stand in the ring and watch the bait dogs being torn apart, fueling the blood lust of the trained fighters Vick has raised. I want them to see first-hand and I want them to smell the stench of savagery sponsored and perpetrated by their poster boy.

Until these men do these things and see the sickening violence in person and with their own eyes they are nothing more than greed worshipping hypocrites who can easily say “Mike’s paid his debt. He’s changed. He has redeemed himself”. In Vick’s own words his biggest regret isn’t what he did, but rather that his sentence wasn’t shorter. How’s that for owning up to your mistake and being a man. Not in my book, Mike.

To be clear, Michael Vick never served one single day in prison for dog fighting or for animal cruelty. Instead he was allowed to pled out to some weak assed charge of conspiracy – not exactly in line with the brutality he was and is guilty of. Who do we have to blame for this? Virginia Prosecutor Gerald Poindexter is a good place to start. He felt it would be too costly to bring Vick to Virginia from Leavenworth penitentiary to try him. And then of course there are United States Attorneys Chuck Rosenberg and Michael R. Gill who decided to offer the plea agreement in the first place. You men are beacons of law enforcement and criminal justice. You should be proud.

Let’s not forget Virginia Congressman, Jim Moran who this past July stated that in support of House Resolution 2492 Michael Vick provided Congress with “a leader” and that “[t]his is a story of redemption.” Congressman you are a Jackass who represents the Democratic party symbol well. This man is not a leader or a hero to the cause. He is the culprit. I cannot believe the people of Virginia found you a worthy representative. Let’s see if we can’t change that in the upcoming election, huh?

Finally, there is Humane Society of the United States CEO, Wayne Pacelle. Pacelle does understand the nature and the violence that was carried out. He has seen it first hand, and as a result he is the worst corporate offender of them all. He should, more than any, rally for the animals and not for Vick, but for whatever reason he has sold out his cause for a chance to hang with Vick. Enjoy an egg, Pacelle, your words no longer carry weight with those who would have supported you. And, let me add again, great job saying you think “It would be a good thing for Michael Vick’s family to have a pet.” Good for who Wayne? The animal? The Vick children? Or maybe just good for the murderous son of a bitch who is your travel partner for no reason other than public relations. Vick had “pets” before and according to Federal documents he threw two of them into the ring and laughed as they were mauled to death.

If you give money to the Humane Society of the United States with their cat and dog laced commercials, you are a sheep. Less than 5% of every dollar goes to shelters in any form. Where does the bulk go? Congress and advertising. Are you seeing a pattern yet? Give your money directly to a local shelter to insure you see local results.

Right now, our Federal Courts are attempting to retry “FORMER” baseball star Barry Bonds for Obstruction of Justice in the Balco case. Originally he was charged with perjury for lying to Congress. Really? Now that’s joke in itself. Who the Hell are they? They, today, are certainly not the men who founded this great nation. They are not the men who built it. They are a pool of sharks who have nothing but self promotion and greed as their sole credo. Every one of those 585 individuals lies to us every day. And yet they are above the law – The laws that they write, that they customize and that they pass. The fact of the matter is that they are not. They have to answer to me and to us.

Barry Bonds could face up to ten years in Federal Prison for giving a less than clear answer. Michael Vick who was personally responsible for the violent, torturous deaths of nine dogs and the subsequent deaths of five others after being rescued spent a mere 18 of 23 months in prison. Barry, I for one hope you get off scott free. This whole damn process has cost the American people millions. Bond’s first trial cost taxpayers an estimated $6 million and that doesn’t include grand jury and appeals. But Gerald Poindexter can’t afford to transport Vick? BULLSHIT!

Now, I am not some hyper-liberal, actually far from it. I believe in capitalism and I believe in a free market system. But I also believe in right and wrong. I believe in hard work versus idleness and I also believe that an entity’s character is defined not only by the entity itself, whether that is a person or a corporation, but also by those that said entity chooses to associate with – “Guilt by Association” if you will. And this is where the above mentioned corporations and their leaders now find themselves. They have fallen into the abyss of “whatever it takes economics”. And that, my friends, is exactly what is wrong with our country today. Corporations, our elected leaders and unfortunately too many of us no longer cherish values like character, hard work, and merit. We now value “NOW”, “FAST”, “EASY”, “POPULAR”. We live in a fast food, credit ridden, infomercial world that has propelled us to pursue Nickelback’s “Rock Star” life. Leveraged and of hollow character is no way to go through life.

I know that many of you reading this still don’t get it. You still cannot see beyond football and as a result you affirm that the dogs Michael Vick killed are as disposable as he believed them to be. But I am sure most every one of you has also heard the pained whimper of a dog at some point in your life. I would ask you to try to conjure that sound up again, right now. Imagine standing over that cute, innocent, hurt dog with a shovel. You can feel your heart racing. The blood is coursing through your veins spreading the adrenalin like a drug. Can you feel it? That’s it, raise the shovel. Glare at that pathetic creature with your evil eyes. Tighten your grip around the handle. God, you feel so alive right now, don’t you? Your lips turn up into a sinister sneer. No more thought, nothing but the pure intoxicating sensation of power as you bring the head of the shovel down onto the dog’s head. It yelps loudly, it whimpers, crying out in unimaginable pain. The sound fuels you, enrages you. Again and again you level the cold steel against the dog. Blood splatters dot your face. You lick your lips tasting the warm, sticky fluid like some euphoric aphrodisiac. Over and over you beat the dog in a demonic fit of rage until finally, at last you stop. You let the shovel fall to your side. You inhale sharply and your blood pressure begins to return to normal. Look down and see what you have done, look at your work.

I hope this tiny little glimpse into Vick’s savagery can help to sway even a few of you. This man should not be celebrated, he should not be revered and he should not be idolized. If you do not see that, you and I are from worlds so far apart we will never reconcile.

As a nation we need to re-examine our moral compass and make the necessary adjustments because we are broken. We should not be able to so easily overlook such heinous actions. In our past, we would not have. I hope that we can find it in our national character to regain who we were. But, sadly this is one area in which I am not optimistic.

This is the last article I will publish regarding Michael Vick.

Next up – term limits for United States Congressmen and Senators. A public referendum is necessary – these self centered clowns will never do it on their own.

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375 Responses to “Michael Vick: A Signpost of Things to Come?”

  1. I totally agree with you. He is a heartless monster. No one should idolize this demon. He is a pathetic excuse for a man. I have read the book Lost Dogs by Jim Gorrant (everyone, read it!) and it has really opened my eyes to the Vick case and why no one should ever forgive him.

    What confuses me, though, is that you are Republican…? Republican politicians couldn’t care less about animals. They vote down every bill to protect animals and the environment. I would recommend that any animal lover vote democrat or an independent party that cares about animals.

    • Chris is a Republican?
      I knew there was something a little more sexy about him….

    • Playboy23 Says:

      @Lauren what I don’t understand is that dog fighting been around for YEARS YES YEARS. IT Vick DID NOT START DOG FIGHTING. So why did it take Vick case and a book Jim wrote ( just to get rich off Vick) for you to finally understand dog fighting is still going on? OOOOOO IM SORRY YOU READ THE BOOK CUZ EVERYONE ELSE IS READ IT. But now that Vick trying to help with ending dog fighting people still hate him. I’m really confused on this?

  2. DeRae Sliger Says:


    • Playboy23 Says:

      Well Vick don’t fight dogs no more, so why don’t you go after the people that ARE fighting dogs? NOW LET ME QUOTE YOU. YOU SAID ” ANY PERSON WHO GET PLEASURE OUT OF THE PAIN OF ANOTHER PERSON OR ANIMAL IS EVIL! Ok what about people who goes hunting? Your not complaining about that? To me anyone that don’t forgive is EVIL.

  3. Many thanks for one of the most intelligently-written articles regarding Vick that I’ve seen. Excellent insights into how it all ties into our broken system of government. Makes me think of “Capitalism: A Love Story.” Everything surrounding Vick’s case is symptomatic of the nation’s problems as whole- I say we replace almost every politician with someone who sticks to their morals and refuses to cater to anyone, regardless of money. Oh, wait…. those sorts of people would never have enough money to run a successful campaign anyways!

  4. Chris, this was a wonderful article you have written. I know first hand about “The Humane Society”, the name is a joke, I worked at the Houston Humane Society for 2 weekends, I was actually excited about the job thinking I would make a difference in these poor animals lives and help to get them a good home. Not only are the people (and I use that term lightly) scum that owner surrender their dogs but of course they are all strays, yeah right!! the animals would not even want to step foot in that place because I believe they could smell the death and knew their fate. I worked in the Intake area and I would hear all these animals crying in the back and couldn’t figure out why until I walked in their one day when the Executioner was there. There were (2) 50 gallon Brute garbage cans full of dead dogs, puppies and cats that has just come in that day. I thought I was going to pass out from the shock, I mustered up enough strength to finish out the day and cried all the way home. When I told my husband what happened, he could not believe it. We would round up dogs that were dumped in our subdivision and take them there, give them money and food and they just put the money in their pockets. The administrators make $150,000 per year and there are 3 of them and all family with the Constables Police Department in their pocket. They are disgusting just like the people the owner surrender their animals. I have called all the TV stations, radio stations in the Houston area and no one was interested in what I had to say, I guess everyone else knew what happens except stupid me. Please help me get the word out and lets get some laws passed to stop all this animal abuse. We have to be their voice and they cannot speak for themselves.

  5. Now that we’re cool Chris tell me, what’s This Lost Dogs book about( besides it them being Vick’s dogs) and where did the author get his information from. You know me I want answers. Lol

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      In the simplest terms it is the story of what happened to the Vick dogs after the initial raids. The story of those involve in the multiple rescues. As for his source materials – the dogs and the people actually involved in their rescue and rehabilitation (when viable).

      • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

        I haven’t had time recently to pop back here and say how happy I am to see how comments here at Chris’ blog have turned around. Freddy and Chris, I applaud both of you for reaching common ground and offering olive branches. Chris, I hope that you will continue to write thought provoking blogs and Freddy I hope that you will continue asking questions and being open to discussion. I have to tell you (Freddy/PB), you surprised the heck out of me by being more open minded than you originally come off. Bravo to you.

      • Oh ok interesting! Thanks for the info bro.

      • Btw Chris, I take away what I said about you being racist. I see your cool with the Brothers . AND U HAVE A FUNNY SIDE OF YOU THAT U DON’T NEED TO HIDE.AKA MEAN MUGGIN. LMFAO!

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Always – one of those things I never felt I needed to point out, but some of my very good friends are of the non-pink persuasion. And “mean muggin” – if you are talking about what I think you are, that brings back some memories. That had to be about 2007!!!

        And I am glad everything is cool too, I am glad to see this side of you as well. But, truth be told, I am arrogant, and I am a dick. Just not usually and not without cause…. usually 😉

      • Thanks for giving me the chance to prove I have some intelligence, this will open up my world a little more.

        Yup it what you think it is, I don’t want to put your business out like that, now that I know how cool you are.

      • Lmfao @ non-pink persuasion, too funny.

    • @Kathy thank you so much. I saw a side of Chris that I didn’t know. I thought he was arrogant but I saw a different side of him. After I saw how cool he was, I had to stop. I just hate we can’t be friends cuz I’m a Vick fan. I don’t not SUPPORT dog abuse, I grew up around it and hate it. But anyways thanks again Kathy and I also want to apologize to you also. I will come on here to learn and educate.

      • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

        Thanks Freddy. I also apologize for any harsh or inappropriate remarks I made. I am passionate about animals and their care and can get carried away responding to others that I don’t think understand. It takes a special and humble person to come back the way you have. Best of luck to you in all your endeavors.

      • Thank you, your the best !

  6. Mr. Durant… i certainly understand your strong opinion on Micheal Vick’s actions against innocent animals. Did he pay his debt to society ? i think so, and brought awareness to this ongoing travesty in our country. As a football fan I will stand behind him and cheer him on. Are you aware that Leonard Little former DE for the St. Louis Rams hit and killed a woman in downtown St. Louis while drinking? Not saying an animals life is less important… Mr. Little was suspended from the game for awhile but re-joined his team… And no jail time as far as I know. Let’s move on from Mr. Vick and all learn from this… Love him or hate him, he is on hell of a football player.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Mary – I am aware of the Leonard Little case and am appauled by that as well. I have never made a case against other crimes or said that this man or that man should have gotten off or should have been sentenced this way or that. My issue has been with THIS case. But since you bring it up, I will address the Leonard Little case as it relates to this one. I would never condone drunk driving or driving under the influence of any narcotic. But I sincerely doubt that Leonard Little got into his car that night and said “You know what? I’m gonna go kill someone tonight.” Granted his choice to drive was a fatal one. And like everyone in that situation he should have had the realization that he shouldn’t be driving or had friends/family who offered up as much. But at the end of it, it was an accident. It was careless and it was unnecessarily STUPID. And he will have to live with that mistake and that accident and the guilt (if he has any – I don’t know) of that woman’s death for the rest of his life. The victim’s family I am sure cried out at the injustice as they should have. Do I think he should be playing in the NFL – no not really I don’t.

      Now let’s turn back to Vick. Vick’s action’s were not a mistake. They were not an accident. They were not a slip or a reckless decision. They were premeditated acts of torture and mutilation. And that my dear is not even in the same ball park. I understand that people have different value systems and the life of a human is often (and not unjustifiably) placed above the value of a dog’s life. But I would like to believe that if people like you, who are so ready to dismiss these acts, were forced to watch them carried out (because I don’t think you are either able to or willing to visualize the brutality) you would have a completely different opinion. I would like to believe that.

      But your final statement give me less hope.

      • I am sickened by what our country seems to overlook. It is a very sad time in our country . It sad to think that we are all jaded by the things we see. I don’t know if it is so horrible that we can’t think it really happened or what, but there is too much of this going on in society. It is shocking how far we have come to go back to a dark time . I am still sickened that he got such a hugh contract to play football again, and that everybody promoting him chooses to overlook such a horrific episode. I guess they are all waiting for their paycheck. It is all about money anymore, and who cares if it was a few 100 dogs, that were mutilated , starved and i’m sure more things that I don’t want to think about.
        Its seems that we would rather over look such behavior . He should still be in prision. I have had many aurgements with neighbors about this. Do people not realize that animal mutilation is just a stepping stone to far worse things . But then again we over look what has happened, for our own sake because thinking of the alternative is too much to process. We overlook mothers killing children and them lying about it for weeks, months , years. Brought to trial and an aquitted . It is so sad that nobody sticks up for the victims in this case. We have spent millions of dollars on trials , to see the acused get off on murder but get more time for writing bad checks. I will try to stay on topic, but there is so much of this going on in our great country. That i’m getting ashamed to say i’m a part of. Barry Bonds and any of the other baseball players that are found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs , should not go to jail for lying about it. I know there is alot of that going around , but they aren’t being charged because they did steriods, but because they lied. How many times have we heard that??? Even here people try to justify bad behavior. I know that the commisioner know what was going on and most of American people did too. I can’t help it that people don’t pay enough attention to their kids, that they start using these drugs too. But oh wait the government will fix it for us! Because most parents don’t have a brian according to them. It is so sad what we are teaching our kids today. My kids learned more about sex education when Clinton was in office that anywhere else. Then the goverment tries to tell us what is sex and what isn’t. What a joke that is ! While i’m on the govenment subject , can anyone tell my what congress was doing while our great country was going bankrupt ??? They were have congressional hearing for baseball players and steriods, if they lied or didn’t lie. It is such a shame . These trials have cost us a fortune. Its really time that we all woke up and take responsibility for our actions. The whole world is watching and waiting to see us crumble.
        I think that is all for now , i’m sure I could say more , but I’ve taken up too much time on this. Your acticle was spot on and I will pass it to my facebook friends . Maybe just maybe someone will listen .

  7. Thank you for writing much more cogently exactly what I think about Vick than I ever could. I plan to boycott every group that supports him.

    But here’s some good news: Did you know that Dogs Deserve Better has purchased the Bad Newz property and turned it into a dog rehab facility? http://www.dogsdeservebetter.com/ – check it out! Maybe it could be the subject of a new blog post for you. 🙂

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Amy – I did know about “Good Newz Rehab Center”. I am working to schedule a visit up there, hopefully in mid October, and I will definitely detail my experience there and keep everyone in the loop.

      Here is a little video they put together about the transformation –

      Good Newz Rehab Center

      • Fantastic! I’ll look forward to reading your post after your visit! It’s just across the river from me, and I’m hoping to visit soon, too. Their video is wonderful – I’d already shared it on my FB earlier today, actually. I hope a lot of people will support them. I know it’s too much to hope that Vick might support them, as well.

  8. Mr. Durant you are absolutely one of the most well-versed and passionate writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading their work. As the owner of a 3 year old pit bull and the foster mom of an affectionate little Beagle mix (whose previous owner dropped her off at the shelter because she was “too much work”), my heart aches everyday thinking about what this man has done and how society expects people to “get over it” because he had an exceptional year on the field last year. As a huge football fan, I have found it almost impossible to watch ESPN lately because Sick Vick is all over it. They predict the Eagles to win the division this year and it makes my stomach churn. My only hope is that karma will catchup to him. Look at OJ.

  9. So true!!

  10. Chris Durant you my friend are a disgusting excuse for not only an American but a human being. First off, not one time did I see you do a blog about how OUR troops gave up their lives just so you can have one. Do you have any idea how many died for you, then you have the audacity to say you And I quote’ I have completely lost faith in my fellow American” Really? I would ask you a couple of questions but after reading your comments your very insecure about answering them. Now I can see you blocking playboy ( even though he did have some good points) but John Scarduzio ! Looks like he was to much for you, when people can’t handle the heat they get out the kitchen. Your only defends was to block him.
    Now I want to discuss how said and I quote again” Now I have long tempered my words regarding this situation. I have tried to express myself professionally and without threats, wishes of violence or obscenity laced language even though in my heart that is exactly what I wanted.
    EVEN THOUGH IN MY HEART” so what else hate is in your HEART. I thought the Herat was for loving in living. You knew what you was getting into when you wrote this. What you thought EVERYONE was going to be on your side? Then the name calling and attacks kills me. When John was talking to you one on one EVERYONE JUMPED IN. Then when he tried to defend himself it was ok for other people to call name but John better NOT say nothing to defend himself. Lmfao
    May I give you some advice, maybe you should talk to the windows who lost their husbands in a war they fought to keep you alive, do you know how they have to explain that daddy’s not coming home? Oh I’m sorry you only have pity if it’s a dog that fought in the war. But yet you have given up on your fellow AMERICANS. I will always remember that.
    I have another advice for you, maybe if you get off your lazy ass writing blogs, you should be helping the dogs that are here in need homes.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      To answer your first attack “Freddy” it was on July 1, 2011 – here is a link – Sacrifice: The Reason We have a Fourth of July

      Next question?

      • I not a Vick fan but say he does go down and is forgotten about, then what?

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        What happened to the attack on me and my patriotism? Shifting gears that quickly are we? Because that is all that your first, rather lengthy, and yet vaguely familiarly phrased post contained.

      • You said next question correct? So I ask the next question. Are you going to answer it?

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        So my first answer was satisfactory to silence that first vile fountain of hate? Awesome. Now, my turn, “Freddy” – are you an American? Because your email address “Freddy2364@yahoo.co.uk” would indicate that you are in England. And yet your ip address is definitively US based. So, you must be a serviceman overseas still using your iPhone to read and respond to nonsense such as mine? Must be expensive. Am I correct?

        Or maybe not? Maybe you are just an idiot who does not grasp the fact that while people can change their names, their appearances, and other things about themselves, two things remain much harder to change – their handwriting and their speech patterns. I am an editor, dumb ass, I read different submissions from different people all day long. Patterns emerge. You make the same spelling and grammar mistakes and the same pointed yet uneducated and unfounded claims you did as “PLAYBOY” whether that was “Larry Cage” or “Tyler Cage” or “Freddy” and you do so with the same tone. And the fact that your ip address is a mere couple of digits off doesn’t help your case either.

        But I do think it was funny how you called yourself out. Sneaky!

        Got something else for me Mister Wizard?

      • Yes can you answer my question, I’ll ask again. So if Vick goes down and is forgotten then what?

        Oh thank you for callin me an asshole, I guess that makes you no better than PLAYBOY’!

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        So I just answer your questions and you don’t answer mine. Well, gee that doesn’t seem fair – par for the course but not necessarily fair, “Freddy”. But okay, I’ll bite…

        What next? Educate us all? Because I honestly have no damn idea what you are talking about? The Eagles season? The MVP award? Who’s gonna get the penthouse at the ProBowl? What then? Advise wise one.

        And I didn’t call you an “asshole” to be clear I called you a “dumb ass”.

      • My bad you called me a dumb ass not asshole. I just wanted to be clear.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        That’s the way to get that post count up. Good boy.

      • Good boy? Sorry Chris I love dogs but I’m not one. I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question, I thought if it works for you maybe I should try it. Answer my question first then I will repley with your answer.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        I apologize for my delay in responding, but contrary to popular belief even I sleep. But as I was eating breakfast and reading your last response, I had one of those ‘lightning strikes’, ‘light bulb’, ‘EUREKA!!’ moments. And here is it:

        You, Larry, Tyler, Freddy, PLAYBOY (sorry, I don’t know which you preferred to be called) are reaching out. You have continued on with what I initially assumed were ridiculous questions but I as I step back from it and gain a little broader perspective I can see that just like a toddler who screams, the petulant child acts out, or even the usually, perfectly behaved chocolate lab who on occasion sneaks into the closet to gnaw on a favorite foot covering, you want attention and more importantly you want answers. I can see it now. So let me try it this way:

        While I have written about Michael Vick in the past in an attempt to show people what a monster this man is and what horrors he personally inflicted on helpless, innocent dogs for nothing more than a perverted rush, this article was really not about Vick. Sure his name pops up throughout the piece because it is germane to the discussion, but this article was really about us. It is about our callous, “me, me, me” society in which we value movie stars, singers, and professional athletes over those who, though they do not seek it, are true heroes. Our teachers, health care professionals, public safety and military personnel are among the lowest paid individuals in our society (with the notable exception of doctors) and yet I could argue that they are the backbone of our nation. They do the jobs that no one else will because ‘there’s no money it in’ because that is what they were called to do.

        Now, you come at me questioning my patriotism not knowing anything about me. You obviously didn’t know that I HAVE written about our men and women in uniform – recently – because it is something that is very important to me and close to my heart. You didn’t know that I come from a family steeped in military tradition. You didn’t know that my very best friend, my ‘brother’ is a United States Marine who has repeatedly, voluntarily put himself in harm’s way for the safeguarding of our country, our freedoms and our beliefs. You didn’t know that I spent almost five years working with law enforcement and military personnel, providing weapons systems and tactical training. You didn’t know that my mother was a teacher for 15 years and that I have the highest respect for our educators. You don’t know anything about me, most of which is out there in the public domain, and yet you attempt to attack me because I think our values as a nation are completely out of kilter. They are – in my opinion. That doesn’t make me un-American, it says that I love this, MY, country enough to speak out, to act when I see or feel that we are heading in the wrong direction. That is how and why this country was founded.

        My point with the article was to point out this glaring fact – that we immortalize a man because he can play football regardless of the other heinous aspects of his life. We celebrate and compensate entertainers obscenely. To think that the NFL Players, or any other professional sports union were going to strike because they were not being paid enough is repulsive. Below is a list of average salaries for our real every day heroes:

        Teacher – $56,000 – (Michael Vick’s $16.7m/yr Salary could pay 298 teachers)
        Firefighter – $41,000 – (Michael Vick’s $16.7m/yr Salary could pay 407 firefighters)
        Police Officer – $48,000 – (Michael Vick’s $16.7m/yr Salary could pay 348 Police Officers)
        Military Enlisted* – $26,800 – (Michael Vick’s $16.7m/yr Salary could pay 623 service members
        *(for the military I used an E-4 enlisted with four years of service)

        When I was a little boy, like most around me at that time, I dreamed of growing up to being a fireman, or a police officer, or playing soldier in the woods by my house. Today, kids want to be their new idols – the entertainers. Why? I think (my opinion) because we, as adults, do not value our real heroes the way that we should. Our children see our own fan worship – whether it’s football, American Idol, or whatever – and follow suit. And that, my friend, is the wrong message to send.

        Now, in the event that I got it all wrong and you weren’t reaching out, that you weren’t really looking for answers, please disregard everything above. You probably didn’t get it anyway.

        Your “hero” John tried to make the point that he values the life of a man over that of a dog. That’s his choice. I would tell you that a man who says that DOES NOT own a dog. For me, the question of life value is a dependent one. For John it was a definite.

        For instance – Let’s say you break into my house. My dog attacks you. You kill my dog. In John’s world he checks on you to make sure you’re all right and apologizes for the dog. In my world you feel the cold press contact of a Heckler and Kock USP .40 caliber pistol against your temple right before your world goes black and the opposite side of your skull erupts in a grotesque splattering of bone, blood and brain matter. So you see, it’s just a different perspective.


      • Bravo Mr Durant finally something we can agree on. First I want to apologize about questioning your patriotism, I didn’t  know, and I was out line and I’m sorry. I read that link you gave me-Sacrifice. The reason we have a Fourth of July ! I know about Major Wade Deliperto and how you guys meet at Hooster and how it took a year to finally put your Alpha male egos aside and became best friends. What sadden me was nobody took the time to comment and congratulate Mr Deliperto , but everyone had time to comment on the Vick blogs. I want to be the first to say Mr Wade is a real American Hero and I thank him for what he has done and maybe still doing.
         Now I agree with you 100% about teachers, cops, firefighters and People in the service are the REAL HERO but yet they are not getting paid like the Athletes. What you said about teachers, and the other real heroes of Anerican are true and I can not argue that.  But what I can say is, it’s entertainment business and we know money makes the world go around. The same teachers, cops, firefighter, that you name are the same ones paying to see these athletes play, watching them on cable.  The mighty dollar that everyone wants  Also Vick is only the Forth highest paid football player which mean it’s three more athletes that’s getting money that’s cops, teachers and firefighters are getting that you didn’t mention.  I think you use Vick as an example because you feel, he should not get that money after what he did to theses dogs. And people are giving up their lives for us. Well Mr Durant we know it’s players that have done worst, the reason they’re not mentioned on here is because they didn’t kill dogs like Vick. Wouldn’t this be a perfect world if everyone would be held accountable for their action, if everyone was as loving as you guys, but it’s not. We cant change what Vick did and truely it up to him and his maker but I know you heard that a thousands of times so I don’t want to waste your time on that. If he changes we’ll see it, if he didn’t the truth will come out. But he was mentor by Tony Dungy who was the Indianapolis Colt coach, Tony also losted his son a year before they won the championship. He was the mentor Vick needed to blossom into a real man of today, that’s why so many people believe and have faith in Vick. 
        I know you guys goal is to not give Vick the Glory, that is the cause. No matter how I phrase, use big words this cause is to see Vick go down for the victory of the dogs. But even after all that, dog fighting I believe will still continue. We need to find a solution ( if it is one) on how to stop it. Why can’t Vick talk to kids about dog fighting we both know they will listen to him faster than us. 
        Now another thing I agree with you is kids should want to grow up being cops and firefighter just like you dreamt as a kids. But some kids I know only want to play sports and think that’s the ticket out of their situation which is sad. Education is the only ticket, we as Americans need to discuss that more. Some kids didn’t have the same up bringing as you did. You have to realize where you grew up compare to let’s say another person ( not saying no names or race so I can keep this clean)  are two different worlds and just because they don’t have the same view as you shouldn’t make them an outcast as long as they are productive in life.  

         Last but not least is my favorite part, the last paragraph you wrote oooooo Mr Durant now I know how you really feel about me. Shame, shame shame. First thing I don’t think it fair your talking about John Scarduzio when you banned him and he’s not here to defend himself. Your just getting free shoots and feeling dominate right now huh ALPHA DOG. That’s not fair, u had plenty of time to have a debate with him. Even though you don’t stay on the computer you still made time to put playboy in check. 
        Second, I like how you use me as example on your last paragraph when  you could have easily said” Let say SOMEONE broke into my house, My dog attacks THAT PERSON, but THAT PERSON killed my dog. You feel like the good guy hero and I’m the bad guy. You had to look good in front of the ladies. You forgot to add, As your foot stands on my dead body a hot model comes to give you some great loving. As she kisses you she saids” Oh Thanks you Chris, he was a monster,THE END  Well that’s why this is call” CHRIS’S WORLD. In the REAL WORLD I wouldn’t be interested in doing such a foolish act when I have a great life and job. I’m not going to give that up for a few years behind bars. What a nice way of legally telling me how you want me out your life. How Brilliant! 

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Thank you, very much for your considerably thought out response. That is all that have ever wanted or expected. It seems as if we went through a Hell of a lot to get us to this point.

        I would like to believe that you and I could find common ground on a number of areas if only we would talk and not make unfounded assumptions – which we are both guilty of.

        As far as Vick is concerned, yes, a big part of it IS what he did to the dogs. And no I do not believe he should be making $16m a year. I recognize that there are others in the NFL who are “guilty” of crimes against humans whereas Vick’s were against ‘animals’. I did extensive research on Rothlesberger and his cases(s) before I started this topic back in January. I have additionally looked at some of the others but what jumped out at me about this situation was the unnecessary brutality. It is not that it is Vick, had it been Peyton Manning or Brady, my outrage would probably have been even worse – yeah that is probably a tad racist, but I think in line with what anyone else – black or white – would feel as well. I have had dogs all of my life and the thought of what it would take to do what they did sickened me.

        I am not nor have I claimed to be a clinical professional able to diagnose social disorders, but I would like to think I am intelligent enough to identify clearly anti-social and emotionally disturbed behavior. And that is what I interpret when I read the court documents and other accounts of activities at Bad NewZ Kennels.

        Anyway, enough of that. I would like to thank you again for your reply and compliment you on your amendment to my analogy, especially the hot model- nicely done.


      • Your welcome, I call a truce even though I will remain a Vick fan I gain  respect for you from that link you gave me. And the last comment was like Whoa.  That hit me, so enough is enough. From now on I will come at your with respect. I’ll ask question depending on the topic. We can still disagree on it, but adult style. Have a good one.. PB 

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Again, I will say “thank you”! Cooler heads… Thx – CD

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        And now that we have stashed our ego suits, I would invite your to stick around. I got more shit to say about more fucked up things – coming soon!

      • Yessir, thank you for the invite. We can learn from each other and see both sides of the situation.

      • One thing I can agree with you guys and help fight are BLS laws which is the dumbest thing ever. I have two pit bulls that sleep with me at night, they’re my kids and if anyone trys to take them out will have to get though me first! I would give them a fight of their life. They would go down for me as I would for them.

      • I love the way this thread turned out….
        and I’d hug both of you if you were here!
        Nicely done….

    • If you would be smart you would know that there are many subjects to discuss and this particular one is about dogs and a serial dog killer. A guy that writes with this much passion cares about everything. Everything he said about these folks are facts, not rumor. I’m not a sports fan and could care less about football. But when you have that many greedy people in this world, they will do anything for the old mighty dollar. Remeber Karma! It will get you in the end. And for all those who fought, are fighting and will fight for our country will never be forgotten. If Vick is a changed man, he should donate ALL his money to every needy family, shelter and person and do more for this country then smile in front of the camera.

  11. chrisdurant2000 Says:

    Just in an effort to be forthcoming and providing full disclosure – I have blocked any future posts from “PLAYBOY” and “John Scarduzio”. If you have been following this post over the last couple of days “PLAYBOY” should come as no surprise. He offered nothing but hate, obscenities and racial driven nonsense.

    “John Scarduzio” has been blocked for his continued personal attacks on me and others here. Normally, as far as I am concerned this would not bother me, but when he continues to post over and over again, changing his argument every time someone offers a differing opinion AND attacks that person, I will not tolerate it.

    I welcome different opinions. At the end of the day most everything I have posted here is nothing more than my (humble) opinion with supporting documentation when available and appropriate. John, however, started with the ridiculous comment that “Vick has saved more dogs than he ever hurt/killed” and then his diatribes rapidly spiraled into attacks on any and everyone who spoke out against his slanted views.

    One needs look no further than the, well let’s just say there’s a whole bunch of posts that directly call me out as being wrong, being stupid, being racist (I am white by the way), and of course the most recent development of having a hidden agenda – still wish I knew what that was – and yet I have allowed these and I have tried when possible to intelligently defend my position(s).

    That was impossible with these two and after a combined almost 90 post between them, I called “no joy” and blocked them. I hope this does not sway you – whichever side of this debate you may be on – from continuing to read, post and present your case or individual story.

    Respectfully –


    • I was not sorry to see “Playboy” go, but had hoped that John might have the potential to come to the place where he would (at the very least) learn how to gracefully disagree. It is sad that this was not the case.

      Thank you again for this post, Chris. For those of us with a profound mercy gift, it was a very difficult and painful read. But the truths of what happened must never be forgotten.

      Forgiven? Perhaps. That is between Michael Vick and God.

      But we must NEVER forget. It is our *responsibility* to remember. For the moment that we forget will be the moment that we allow history to repeat itself.

      Thank you, my new friend, for drawing the line, for your boldness, for your confidence in the truth, and for your willingness to share the truth and defend it, regardless of those who will fanatically and blindly forget it for the sake of their “my precious” lust after a winning football team and the quarterback that they are banking will get them there.

      Never let them stop you, Chris…

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Thank you, Lynn and don’t worry, they won’t. But I don’t think ole “PLAYBOY” wander too far.

    • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

      Chris–it amazes me that some people just want to hang around and contradict 95% of people who have commented here. I guess they have nothing better to do. I am amazed at how they keep lobbing attacks at you and all of us who agree with you. Thank you for remaining strong and vigilent. It may take awhile but the truth will prevail.

      • Kathy have you ever heard of what goes around comes around, if you go to the anti-Vick pages anytime anyone says something good about Vick their leaders makes them attack the page and anyone on it that supports Vick. All they do all day is google what Vick is doing. Just ask Chris he’s following the Eagles n mike Vick. So please stop acting like you guys are the victims. We have nothing better to do? Really??? Please don’t repley I just wanted to state my opinion.

      • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

        STICK it “Freddy.” You are just like an irritating fly who keeps getting swatted away.

      • I guess, but you know it’s true. Have a nice day.

    • Chris, I have been away on business all week. I applaud your blocking of playboy & John S., I came back today to see if John replied to my last response & saw that he didn’t which obviously means he had no retort at all. Besides neither one had anything to say that was even worth reading – as you stated, whenever anyone had a real argument, they responded with name calling & rhetoric. Keep fighting the good fight Chris!!

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        PB and I have come to terms – better interesting thread, and surprising turn. It’s long and not necessarily flattering to either of us, but it makes for good reading. ;).


  12. To Cathy Cunningham – thanks for a response from someone in the trenches. I do rescue, so I know exactly what you’re talking about.

    • cathy cunningham Says:

      u r very welcome. in general, the majority of people actually have no idea what the trenches r like let alone willing to see what we see. easier to close eyes and ears. very sad.

  13. cathy cunningham Says:

    this is one of the finest articles I have read. kudos to the writer. I am an unpaid volunteer humane police officer in a county located in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. dog fighting is alive and well here. so is cock fighting. wayne pacelle is an idiot and I will shout it from the rooftops. the fact that football fans, the illustriuos president, and ignorant people help and give money to vick is indeed a sign of this country going to hell in a han basket. I will not b purchasing anything made by nike; I will not b making one dime of a contribution to the humane society of the united states; and I will not b watching football or buying anything related thereto. while I know there are thousands that will do the same, it is not nearly enough. here is a message to wayne pacelle: give up some of ur salary and make a world wide ass of vick. message to the president: for shame for shame for shame. message to vick: I hope u suffer the most horrible, debilitating injury possible that makes u suffer interminably-after that I hope u die a slow lingering painful death. just a note-i am a passive person but anger and hatred goes a long way.

  14. Concerned Human Says:

    You hit the nail on the head by highlighting Michale Vick’s wrong doings. However, the people who bet on dog fights are just as too blame as he is for his cruelty.

    It’s just like the mother / wife of a child molester that turns a blind eye – they are just as much at fault as the perpetrator.

    Right is Right and wrong is wrong – and if we as a society have lost touch of that, then we are doomed to fail and consumer ourselves.

    How long until society turns on itself and we start hunting down humans? That will only be a matter of time when economies fail and the wealthy can afford to buy you for a place to live and a meal for you to murder someone in a sadistic way for their pleasure.

    What ever happened to being kind ? Due unto others as you would have them due unto you? This isn’t just for humans but for all creatures that live on this planet.

    I for one will not be watching ESPN, I was never an Eagles fan but won’t be at this point, and I won’t be purchasing anything Nike has to offer.

    Sadly, I’ve met this monster in person when I was forced to wait on him at a bank that I worked at. He doesn’t show remorse for what he did – he has entitlement issues because he thinks he can get away with ANYTHING because he’s “Michael Vick”. Really?

    Is that what we’ve become – because you do something like play a sport or are a politician you are now immune to social norms and laws set forth in this country?

    Ok, if that’s the case then I say let the paparazzi have at you all.

    • FYI… Mike Vick is currently speaking on Capitol Hill to pass a bill that makes it a felony to spectate a dog fight.

      Thank You Mike Vick for trying to make a difference with something positive!

      And NO that is not part of his required work. It is done on his own time and by his own will.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Yep – that one was in the article too – why not in your thanks just use Congressman Moran’s words –

        On the field your leader is the quarterback. We now have a leader. This is a story of redemption, it’s a story of leadership, it’s a story of deciding to do good in making a really substantive, consequential difference … Our society is turning a corner, and he’s leading it.

        Michael Vick is LEADING our society??????? And this from an United States Congressman. Yeah, John, this guy is a “clown”.

      • Perhaps you would feel differently if he bashes, makes fun and calls his opposers names.

        These people are fighting for YOUR CAUSE. You are placing your feelings about Men ABOVE the CAUSE. Talk about an agenda. You disgust me more and more with each post.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        You really are narrowed minded aren’t you? With your every post you come back to me, not the issue. I am flattered, but for you to say that I am placing my feelings about men above the cause, you are once again mistaken. To say that Michael Vick is a leader in this “cause” is just ignorant. We disagree, but please let’s keep banging on the same drum, John.

        But as you continue to whimper out in your disgust of me that I have some secret “agenda” feel free to wander off elsewhere, Mr. Scarduzio, and you don’t have to deal with me or my agenda.

      • cathy cunningham Says:

        I cannot resist responding so I apologize. do u really believe that vick does that on his own time and willingly because he wants to or thought or it himself? I mean no offense but there is not one thing that vick does that is not calculated or planned out by his ‘people’.

    • Also… Will you not be watching NBC, CBS or FOX either? Or is it just ESPN?

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Why do you care what network they will or will not be watching? Or is this just an effort to see how many posts you can put up in one day? I think PLAYBOY might still have the edge on you.

      • THIS IS MY CAUSE , JOHN. I despise the very breath that comes from #7 body. he was born a thug POS and he will die a thug POS. I felt this way LONG BEFORE I READ THIS ARTICLE. I am a big girl that makes up her own mind. I just happen to give a shit that he MURDERED and TORTURED dogs screaming for their very lives. Yo be honest it will make me very happy if he dies the same way. No one will care , well maybe you and those other Bozos that are so unhappy here but keep coming back. The rest of us know the truth – we care about the dogs – we don’t give a shit about vick. I don’t need Chris or anyone else to express how I feel. I am plain spoken , don’t mind saying what is on my mind and if you like fine if you don’t I do not care. vick is what he is and all the lies and visits to congress won’t change that at all. Everybody SEES THRU HIS LIES – well almost everybody. And you disgust ME with your continual rant about NOTHING.

      • cathy cunningham Says:

        John – u need help. chris – u r my kind of human.

      • Cathy – Amen, sister….

  15. Elizabeth Pollock Says:

    Chris I have not read an articl this truthful in long time. Thank you so much. I have two “Pit Bulls” and they are great dogs but the media loves to twist things and make money off exploiting them. It is never the owner who is in the spot light but the dog. Yes, there is bad breeding and dogs who should be euthanized. But a lot of the time it is low life scum encouraging bad behavior from one of these dogs because of the negative image the media has created (bad ass dogs) !! Moreover, it is not just the “Pit Bull” that is being poorly bred and it is not just the “Pit Bull” who can be taught negative behavior!!
    Again, I just really want to thank you for pointing out how selfserving many of these powerful men and women really are.

  16. OMG im sooooo….. tired of this mess We have truly lost our way in america we have children being molested and abused on a daily basis suicide rates are on the rise the elderly are starving and struggling to survive while we close our eyes and ears on these subjects and continue to jet set with our dogs and leave our parents to parish damn them just make sure my dog eats we feel the need to continue to bring awareness and aid to simple foolishness when most americans dont even respect the circle of human life how the hell do you expect them to respect the life of animals he’s being judged worst than casey anthony its a sad day in america that animals have more rights and sympothy than human life when i was younger i was attacked by a pittbull everyone wanted to know what i did to make him attack me wow this brings it all back this animal was who was from a loving family that never taught him aggression simply sensed my fear and proved to me why i sholud be fearfull it is an instinct they are born with they are aggressive animals not saying what he did was right but damn do we have more vital issues to bring awareness to the press is an outlet for the world to see and help bring awareness to issues that need to be addressed dont you think we could help the world by addressing more issues that could potentially help the human race heal instead of giving Vick more press good or bad youre still talking about him for every one you get to turn on him your only making two or three more people love him like the younger generation who may have never even heard of him until you kept talking about him ughh…… i could go on an on AMERICA wake up and get your priorities together life happens in phases if you dont grasp the first phase how will you ever graduate to the next learn to first value human life as a whole and the rest will follow

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Arica. Might I suggest you write a piece to bring a new level of awareness to these issues.

      • Arica, some of us need to be proper here. I guess you slid thru because CD *thinks* he agrees with you. If he didnt, he would have ripped everything you said, corrected your spelling, attacked you for not using capital letters and applauded you for creating the longest run on sentence anyone has ever seen.

        Wait, I think Chris is confused. Or just making a sarcastic, smug ass remark as usual.

    • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

      Arica, Take an English and learn to write properly, please. Yes, there’s lots wrong with the world. What are YOU doing to help fix that, except moan on a blog about it?

      • Thats more like it Kathy. Insults and ridicule… keep it real. She COULD be the one next to you doing whatever it is that YOU DO. She is obviously a young girl. And you, obviosly are ignorant.

    • Arica
      this article was about DOGS ….you are in the wrong blog for the kids. There are many people involved with kids. We are SPEAKING FOR THE DOGS as they cannot do it themselves. It’s harder for ME to respect SO CALLED humans more every day for the torture of animals. Animals are my #1 concern . I figure people like you are getting the kids taken care of. My purpose it to make sure that everyone that says he did his time is CORRECTED with the truth . My priorities are straight – my animals ARE #1 at my house

    • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

      John–you can put a sock in. For you and Arica and anyone else who throws out the “the were only dogs cards,” let me tell you a little story about a girl named Mary Ellen Wilson.

      She was a little girl who was severly abused in the latter 1800s. No one would help, no one would do anything to help her. Do you know who stepped and helped her? Henry Bergh, founder of the ASPCA, who anguished by Mary Ellen’s case, founded the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

      Do you also realize there is a well reserached and documented link between cruelty and abuse of animal and cruelty and abuse of humans? Here’s one such paper with lots or resources listed: http://www.cynthiahodges.com/animals/pages/animal_human_violence.pdf

      And also to John, the now banned Playboy, Cammy and a couple of others whose names escape me, 95% of the responses to this article have been in favor of and very positive about what Chris wrote. There has been only a handful (albeit obnoxious handful) of detractors. So who is in the minority here? And it’s not because all of us knew of Chris and his blog before. No, I’m sure just like me, folks found it. John, you found it. So where are all the others who make up the supposed majority of the people who think Vick is a hero or that Vick is a role model or that Vick paid his dues? No, I think there’s a faction of sports folks who regardless of what some pro player did would support them–all because they think theese sports players are gods or something because of their physical abilities (idol worship I guess). Someone already reminded us here in the comments somewhere about all the felons in the NFL.

      Vick is not a CHANGED man. His true colors will show again…unfortunately.Anyone who has a bloodlust like that will strike again. And for the record because people have thrown the “eating meat & hunting” card into the comments; no I don’t eat meat and have not for 27 years (but don’t hold it against others if they do). No, I don’t hunt. I don’t like hunting, but in the old days, that was a food source. Today, it’s more of a “kill thrill”. I work fulltime and don’t live off anyone else. I do various kinds of volunteer work (for people/kids and animals) because I believe we all should give back in some way shape or form. I have strong beliefs and opinions and live by my passion. I NEVER go along with anything because anyone else is. I make my own path in life.

      And so, if I met you, John Scarduzio face to face, I would have no qualms about saying everything I have said thus far. So many people grow a set when they don’t have to say something face to face.

      So John–being as you disagree with 95% of the people and comments here, why do you bother to hang around? Nothing better to do?

  17. Chris, I couldn’t agree with you more. Too people consider social conscienceness and morality disposable, as disposable as vick considered sentient beings, if it interferes with their self centered and immature idol worship of sports figures. We are a society out of kilter that accepts savage and brutalistic behavior because it is convenient to justify a set of priorities so misconstrued that it defies the imagination. Fans will continue to show up at Eagle games in droves, ESPN has labeled the Eagles the “dream team” – more like a nightmare in my book – and Pacelle and the HSUS will continue their main focus to be monetary intake and not animal welfare. I cannot think of a better example than this that clearly shows we desperately need a return to family values, starting with another return – coming back to the church and the true God, not the god of money and greed. Only through a clear cut path to humanity will we once again find a set of values that were envisioned by this nation’s forefathers.

  18. Please get the story straight, the woman was allegedly killed by her fairly new husbands pit bulls and the are questioning the husband about this case, he may have provoked it. He is also one of the irresponsible dog owners that make the rest of us look bad. You can not have 5 dogs of any kind and not train them and never let them out of the house, once again not the dogs fault, dogs just like people need to be taught right from wrong and need discipline. The sad part is they will be blamed and have probably already been put to sleep, even though the owner is the one at fault.

  19. Positivityworks Says:

    Your anger is misguided and so much energy is being wasted by accomplishing nothing. If we could harness 10% of the negative energy people have toward Michael Vick and use it in a positive way to help animal welfare, we would see improvements nationwide.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Thank you for your comment and your opinion.

    • I find this very positive, This article depicts a man who feels animals should be treated in a positive way. Remember this when this loser gets a dog next year, it seems the only thing he feels bad about, from what i can tell, is he can not have a dog and he spent to much time in jail. This man put his last house pet in a pen with trained fighting dogs as a bait dog. Just stop talking and just imagine that….Think of your house dog or cat put in a pen with a trained fighting dog as bait. While you are watching this someone beside you has a huge amount of excitement and pleasure watching your dog as he is mauled. I find that kind of person horrific and quite scary, but do you know what I find more scary is the people who are okay with it. They see one interview where he says he is sorry, forget the one that he states he would not change a thing except less jail time or he was sorry he got caught, and all is forgiven.

  20. Teachers, Doctors, Caretakers, Ministries, ETC ETC People that make a Difference should be Showered with this Attention and Paper!! Thank you for writing this article. Wow I am Disappointed.

  21. Michele Cocco Says:

    Patience … patience …I have always laughed at organized sports, using cocaine and other substances for your ego is rediculous in the long run … and now … alzheimers, dementia, replacement joints, etc … yes, patience … all their days WILL COME … I hope I am around to experience it!!! BUt stay alert … it ain;t over ..

  22. Oh Chris… “Next up is – term limits for United States Congressmen and Senators. A public referendum is necessary – these self centered clowns will never do it on their own.” REALLY?? Ooh! There is more name calling in your next article!

    Similar to this rant where you use “pathetic excuse for a man” and “son of a bitch” “dumbass’ “shallow” and “morons” -all that I can see in a brief scan of that garbage you wrote. Does anyone still have those feelings toward Chris that they said about me? Fucking Minions.

  23. Nina Lauria Says:

    Thank you for writing this article, and being a voice for these poor animals. I live in Philadelphia, and was at one time a HUGE eagles fan. When they signed that idiot, I stopped watching them, and stopped watching football all together. I support everything you have said, and that you put in this article. I can not find in my whole body and soul and ounce of forgiveness for this man. I see and hear people all day saying he paid his dues and just forgive, and I say NEVER!

  24. Michael Vick definitely deserved a second chance….as a street sweeper, not as a millionaire. Well said, Chris. Thank you for putting into words what so many in America feel.

  25. I totally support Chris and his message.That is why I signed up for this blog.If I didn’t agree with his message,I wouldn’t have joined.Common sense ,right???I cried when Tinkerbell died when I was a little girl,cried when Bambi’s mother died ,also when I was a little girl,always felts awful and so sad when an animal died or was hurt.I am so thankful I was and am wired this way.I am not perfect,and have had my share of problems and horrors to live through,but I would never intentionally hurt anyone,physically or otherwise.Especially a helpless animal,There are people out there,that no matter how well you get your point out there,they will never hear.Chris keep doing what you are doing,get rid of the bozo’s,I frankly am tired of seeing thier vitriol,and hate……

  26. John Scarduzio Says:

    Anyone who argues that “football is a game” and “what if raped your mother or sister” has no argument with me. You sound just as rediculous as as Playboy sometimes. That argument holds no water to the subject. Zero. So yell out in caps, I still do not hear you.

    CD- where are my comments showing the people what they, and you asked for?

    Lynn I like the point of MV’s future after the NFL. I will post my ideas on the future later. Id love to hear your thoughts.

    As for the rest of you knuckleheads… You and I are fighting for the same thing. Its amazing to me that you cant see you are not helping the real cause… But simply trying to satisfy your own bloodthirsty abusive desires. Except yours are to a MAN.

    • Hi John,

      I’m not sure you will like my thoughts, which are based on the very well documented symptoms and behavior of an individual with a sociopathic personality disorder. There really is no “cure”… While it is possible for it to be somewhat controlled, it cannot be cured, it can rear it’s ugly head at any time, and without warning. Nearly 100% of the time, the person with the disorder is able to live an otherwise normal life. Which is why it is always so shocking to friends and neighbors when these individuals commit such heinous acts with no remorse or feeling for the victim of their acts.

      If we don’t *remember* and learn from history, we are destined to allow it to repeat itself. *My* fear is that this repeat, 100 million dollar contract is a potential set-up for a repeat of the history of Michael Vick. At some point, I fear he will, again, believe his own press, persuade himself that he is a larger-than-life little god (which unfortunately some people treat him as), and therefore, above the laws of civility and compassion.

      I understand your points about Michael Vick’s troubled childhood, but if we are to follow that line of thought, then we need look no further than the fate and outcome for Michael Vick’s father. Not good. Perhaps, Michael Vick is/was the victim of his father’s abuse and illness. Perhaps the sins of the father were passed to the son here. Or – perhaps the disease – a sociopathic personality disorder – was passed to the son. At some point, people have to stop blaming their parents, etc., for the consequences of their own actions. To his credit, MV has done this. Whether or not he is sincere is between him and God. The fact remains that he has proven, shown us and even acknowledged himself, that he is capable of a disconnect of compassion for the sake of “sport” and “business”, with some sort of sick enjoyment. All of these things are among the hallmark signs of a sociopath, who is capable of repeating his behavior at any time, with no warning, for the rest of his life.

      I don’t have a crystal ball, so I cannot predict the future. But I do have a fair amount of experience in dealing with the aftermath of the disconnect from conscience that is the hallmark of a sociopathic personality disorder, and it is not uncommon that they do not – at some point – repeat their actions and victimize again.

      For me – a Philly girl – I just cannot bring myself to simply “forget” about these helpless animals who were callously and brutally tortured, maimed and killed at the hands of Michael Vick. To “forget” would remove the only barrier in place that we have in preventing history from repeating itself, or worse, moving on to violence against other people.

      I really do understand and respect your choice to support the Eagles, John. But I simply cannot implicitly cheer for someone capable of this kind of complete disconnect from compassion, by way of supporting the Philadelphia Eagles.
      But that’s JMHO…

      • Editing myself, this line *should* be:
        “it is not uncommon that they DO – at some point – repeat their actions and victimize again.”

    • John, your arguments would be taken much more seriously if you stopped calling others names. You sound a lot more like playboy then anyone else does when you name call man.

      No one talked about “raping” anyone, not sure where that came from. Are you not comprehending what you read John? Why is the question of how would you feel if Mike Vick infected your mom, sister, niece, aunt, daughter or any other woman in your life not a valid question? Please explain using logic without name calling & snide remarks. Please mount a plausible, concise argument that doesn’t include religion or Mike Vicks upbringing.

      Whats amazing to us is that you feel the small amount of court ordered & PR related BS that Vick does makes up for his horrid behavior. What Vick did to the underperforming animals is a sickness & not one that 18 months in jail & a little PR “cures”.

      As you are entitled to your views, so are others here without being talked down to & called names John. Once you start name calling you, just as playboy did, lose your audience. You seem like someone much more educated than playboy & you have had this kind of debate many times so not sure why you don’t know calling other “knucklehead” & telling other you refuse to see their point makes yours any more convincing. I would think someone begging for a seasoned debate would understand what turns off their audience & would make efforts not to do those kinds of things during a debate.

      • Allright Mike, you waant it you got it.

        Your not sure where “raping” came from? Did you mean infect my Mother or Sister by consensual sex? Please clarify so I can answer.

        18 months in jail? No. 23 Months in Leavenworth Prison and a lifetime of dealing with the adversity and suppression can change a man.

        Next issue…

        For those say that Mike Vick did time for “Conspirancy” and that there was no “dog fighting” tag on the charge. You are wrong (Ahem CD) He pleaded guilty to “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture”. I just Looove how you take the first word and leave everything else out. Nice touch, Im seeing a pattern. Examples like this can be made throughout your propagandic article.

        Anyone want to jump in here and tell Chris how bad it is to call people names and how it undermines everything he is trying to say? Anyone?…Anyone? “Fucking Pathetic.” -as you say

        I play by the rules set in the forum… Check my first post on Sept 1st. Look and see what the replies were. Not once did CD ask anyone to not attack me like that. I didnt expect that at all but I did think he would reply to me and address my points with some sort of substance. Never happened. Then its on and on about name calling. Ok – So I call Chris an ass… I get slaughtered (no pun intended) and he sits back and smiley-winks at his minions? What a Douchebag. He is your puppet master here. Leave and find your information somewhere reliable.

        I see you released my post now that its buried in the threads… that I created.

        Now to address the issue with Lynn on giving the credit to Vick for putting the cause on the map. I want to answer all questions to me. I promise I will do a better job at answering then Chris.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Vick served 18 months of the 23 months he was sentenced to, yes in Leavenworth. Consider it clarified.

        As for the conspiracy plea – I have repeatedly mentioned the Conspiracy plea in its full name entirety (until this article I will concede) and the difference between what sentence was ordered versus what should or could have been handed down based on the multiple offenses (see – Michael VIck was Wrongly Convicted. ) However, I think the point that people are trying to make you understand is that the “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture” charge is more akin to racketeering and running an illegal gambling ring than actual “dog fighting” or “animal cruelty”. But continue on…

      • John, Once again we are back to name calling. You ask for honest debate & name call as you get it. By the way you asked intelligent debate, we all expected better than reverting back to name calling. Not sure why you just cannot express your views with out it.

        You accuse others here of hatred & anger but when a question is proposed to you on Mike Vicks past behavior & how it all ties into his sociopathic past, you assume that the question is about RAPE? Your assumption screams of hatred & anger John. I am willing to bet if 100 people are asked that same question, you are the 1% that makes that assumption. To take a question of that type & make it about something not one person has ever accused Vick of is as ridiculous as the things your boy playboy droned on about.

        Yes John, the question is CONSENSUAL sex. As someone that understands right from wrong, someone that doesn’t lack the empathy for other living creatures. Do you feel that knowing you have a incurable sexual disease, one that you have been treated for under an assumed name, have a responsibility to either wear protection during CONSENSUAL sexual intercourse or inform your partners you have it so they can decide if they want to take that chance?

        Now a professional athlete, that is also an ex-con & that has a history of violent crime, torture to other living creatures for amusement, cold blooded killing of animals in some of the most unmerciful ways there is for no other reason except they found it to be fun that was also known in your parts for being one of the biggest pathological liars around. This individual infected one of the women in your life with an incurable sexual disease, knowing full well he had it & had no consideration at all for your loved one. Would he still be such a good guy John? Would you still be itching to see him on a super bowl float?

        Also please tell us how 18 months in jail/prison cures those deep desires to torture John. You say you know more than most on people that abuse & torture animals. Please explain to us how Mike Vick is now cured. Just because he says that he is John, coming from a person, well let’s say that has been known to stretch the truth from time to time. Didn’t the HSUS want Vick to have a psych exam & he refused? Can you address that as well in your argument about how 18 months in Levenworth cures the yearn for screams & blood, how it quells the feelings of warmth one gets from bashing a defenseless crying creatures head in?

        Lastly it was 18 months he served, but you know that. Just like playboy, you spew useless facts about Vick, the super bowl float with the dogs still makes me giggle. At least the stuff you & playboy say is good for laughs.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Okay, John. Here I am. I am sorry if the fact that I do not constantly sit here and await your next, same comment as before. You said early in this volley of words that you and I are so far apart on this that reconciliation was incredibly unlikely. I believe that is still the case.

      You seem unwilling to accept the fact that many of the people who have posted here, have a vested interest in the prevention of animal cruelty in all of its many forms. Many of the people here are actively involved in animal and perhaps more specifically dog, and even more specifically pit rescue. And as a result know a lot more about this subject than you – and me for that matter. If you truly in your heart believe, as Wayne Pacelle would state, that Michael Vick is the best spokesperson against dog fighting, so be it. I think you are wrong. It is truly the same as taking a violent serial killer and using them as the spokesperson against murder. If the argument doesn’t work in one situation, it will not work in the other. Although the comparison is not apples to apples, it is close enough of a parallel to define a correlation.

      Now as for you and your other comments regarding me, my personal agenda and censoring your comments, allow me to say this. Once I approve one comment from an individual, all subsequent ones are approved automatically. So, no, I am not sitting around waiting for the next “ding” of my iPhone. If something you meant to say is missing, might I suggest “operator error”? Next, I haven’t spent anytime looking up you or your parrot “PLAYBOY”. But we all know by your previous comments that you have spent quite a bit of time on my FB page inferring whatever you may think about me. Thanks for the man stalking. 😉 Your credentials show up on the moderator’s page – so when Larry, Tyler, “PLAYBOY” continues to change his name it raises a flag in my mind as to his personal, hidden agenda. Which I think we all recognize at this point. Hate mongering and stupidity.

      Now, back to you. You repeatedly have stated you want an intelligent debate on this issue and yet you have repeatedly resorted to name calling and insults. Not just of me but of almost every other person who has made a comment that runs contrary to your own opinions – see “knuckleheads” above. Not a very intelligent way to have a debate in my opinion, unless of course you might be debating with “PLAYBOY”.

      If there is something new that you would like to introduce to the discussion bring it on. If it is the same thing we have heard over and over, I might suggest you hold your tongue, keyboard or find someone who might be interested. I’m not, I have no interest in entertaining you further. If you don’t like the post or the ones commenting on it, take a page from “PLAYBOY’S” book and boycott it.



      • No Chris my comment still reads

        (((John Scarduzio Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        September 3, 2011 at 10:33 am)))

        I will try and repost. As it addresses your issues with me.

        Looking at your FB page, Yes. As you have admitted to having so much interest in playboy you looked at his myspace page and judged him by that. Funny how this is the only time you acknowledged it. You have no answers to what I have found?

        I enjoy who you methodically choose who you decide to slay with your words. Other posts attacking me as a Man, a Father and every other way go un noticed by you other then your written agreement to what they say and a little winking smiley face. 😉 -cute.

        I have introduced plenty to discuss and anxiously awaited a reply to each one. You felt it was repetitive but you never addressed it in the first place. You seem to come up with some half witted type of ‘charm’ to demean what I said, and sit and wait for your loyal to do their work.

        Now that I have your attention again Im going to ask you to post my comment dated above. Complete with links provided so the people who used lies against me, and in rebut to comments I have made, can see the TRUTH. To show that their comments used towards me are infact unfounded and mine (that you and others aked me to back up) are real.

        As for your first order of business with me… Calling out MY vested interest in the prevention of animal cruelty. Citing that someone actively involved in animal rescue “knows more than” me is hysterical. I think you may realize you slipped up on that one. May I ask you and others reading this where they were in 2006? Did any of you even know then that dogfighting was even a problem? Hm? Who do you owe your life calling mission to? Who put dogfighting a nationwide story and in the front of your mind… and your newspaper? Must have been Chris Durant…Oh come on!

        If the day comes and dogfighting is eradicated in the US who is going to be put on the podium surrounded with microphones? Certainly NOT CD. Who will be given the CREDIT for the nationwide awareness and prevention? NOT CD. Who will be acclaimed for his dertermination and life commitment towards animal well being? Absolutely Not Chris Durant.

        It just makes your blood boil knowing that if you win your fight, you loose. AND even when Mike Vick seems to have lost, in the end he is going to WIN! -This is why you are so angry.

        Let me paint this picture for you… Go to your happy place… Imagine Mike Vick on the lead float of the Super Bowl Parade. Worldwide coverage. Silver and Green Confetti falling everywhere. Two beautiful Pits gettng their chests scratched and licking the face of Mike Vick with a big smile on his face. Later, speaking on how important it is to obay the law, stay in school, love animals and treat them the way you would any living being. Watching starry eyed kids listen and and want to be like Mike. To have the detrmination and will to do whatever it takes. Thats a much more effective way to put an end to animal cruelty. Not with your Hate Rant that you post to stir up a frenzy.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Yep! My bloods a’boiling. And yeah, I think that anyone involved in animal rescue is more vested than you in the prevention of animal cruelty. As for me, I will say that I did not know or understand the horrors associated with this violent bloodsport until this debacle. I would not venture to assume the same about the other posters here. As for your ensuing logic that we have Michael Vick to thank for that is as asinine as thanking BTK or Bundy for bringing violent murder to the forefront – that is just blind and ignorant.

        Myspace? Really? Is that site even still up? And yet again you come at me with personal things and no argument. Last time I’m gonna say it…. present a viable, new argument or traipse your ass elsewhere. Yawwwwwwwnnnnn.

        If nothing else, your parting statement paints your view of this well. In my humble opinion you are fucking pathetic! And yeah, feel free to quote me.

      • Hi again John,

        Your post is addressed to Chris, I know…
        and he can answer as/if he chooses (since it is his blog)…

        But I have some questions for you:

        Are you (seriously) asking us to *thank* – or give *credit* to – Michael Vick for bringing the horrors of dog fighting to our collective attention? Seriously? Really?

        If your answer is yes, then this is my follow-up question, following the same logic:
        Do you believe we also need to thank Osama BinLadin for bringing his Jihad against America to our attention by mercilessly murdering nearly 3,000 innocent people?

        I really seriously hope that this is not the “logic” you are trying to employ. If so, it is seriously flawed and definitely requires a bit of re-thinking. That’s logic on very thin ice…. please be careful, John.

      • One more observation about your post…

        Your last paragraph about the Super Bowl proves the point of my post to you from yesterday. I *get* that for you, and from your perspective, this is about that Philadelphia fan passion and loyalty for the team no-matter-what. Come hell or high water. Stand your ground for the Eagles for the mere sake of supporting the home team. That is your perspective. I think we all “get” that.

        But please try to understand that this is really not at all about the Super Bowl for us, so putting that out there is pretty much meaningless to *our* perspective.

        Even if the Eagles do with the Super Bowl, even Michael Vick openly admits that he will *still* have to prove, every day, for the rest of his life, that he is a “changed man” – which to us, means a man who can control his sociopathic personality. And sadly, most of them cannot and eventually act out again, in the same manner, or worse, than they did in the past. That’s what *we* are concerned about….

      • To Lynn:

        B-I-N-G-O, BINGO, BINGO & BINGO was his name O!!
        That is exactly the logic John is giving us.

        You keep bring this back to dog fighting John. Why not answer how you can support someone that when their dog lost the fight, continued to TORTURE that animal. Why Mike Vick with all his $$$ in 2006 didn’t put the losers down humanely? Why not have the same vet that removed the rape stand females teeth give the defeated animals a shot to put them out of their misery? Why continue to torture them over & over & over for a sex year period? Why can you not explain to us how prison cures that kind of sociopathic behavior? If you know so much about animal cruelty & torture than you know how deep rooted it is. Explain how Mike Vick is now miraculously cured? How when the HSUS asked Vick to go for a mental exam he declined and they partnered with him anyways.

        You only want to say your rants & your opinions & never handle anything asked of you John. Chris asked you a few questions & you give us BS, Mike Vick riding on a super bowl float. Certainly not as a father & as a man you can condone someone torturing in some of the most sadistic ways possible because he got off on it John. Do you & your friends torture animals John? Why not? Because you know how wrong it is. You want to keep making this about “dog fighting?”, what about the rest of Mike Vicks sociopathic behavior? The total disregard for women? The torture? The pathological lying to everyone over & over. How as a father & a man that may have a daughter do you stick up for a man that infected someone’s daughter with incurable disease, all the while knowing he had it. Would you want someone to do that to your little girl then hear people calling that guy a hero? Or you are teaching your kids it’s OK as long as it isn’t done to you directly? “Mike Vick can do anything he wants honey as long as it isn’t to me, mommy, bob & you Chrissy.” (or whatever your kids names are), thats the message you want your kids to learn. 18 months in jail cures all afflictions kids!

        All Vick defenders want to make his offenses about dog fighting, educated people that are familiar with sociopathic behavior know better John. You have just as big an agenda as anyone else, you don’t admit it though.

      • Im so glad its still early.

        Chris – I thought you would nerer ask -Please let us do compare. Where would the Mob be today if it wasnt for informants? What would the local police do without drug rats flipping on their suppliers? Where would the Casino business and FBI be if they didnt employ convicted felons to help them stop theives and cheaters? I can go on and on. This is the country we live in. Im proud, you clearly are not. Its not an easy task. I understand that there are flaws in the system. Thats another issue, perhaps in your case- another rant. Point being that after being found guilty or even alleged of a crime men are used to combat the very crimes that were committed. They are the most valuable aids that our system has to prevent it from happening in the future. Give a man an opportunity to have a chance to right some of the wrong that he did. To try and make a difference. It happens every day. Ever hear of the wittness protection program? There are known killers on that list. They have been paramount in the aid of putting a virtual stranglehold on organized crime. Some of you fail to see that this helps prevent repeating the past. You are ignorant to think anything otherwise. I feel this is a much better analogy of the subject than “If my mother was infected by him” scenerio – which is completely asinine.

        But we have a man. Ah yes, a man. I will add that I am not a rabid Eagles fan that has season tickets handed down to me from my Great Grandfather and go to every game screaming with facepaint and throwing snowballs. He is just a man to me. Yes, I would feel the same way if he wore a blue and white star on his helmet. Sorry to disappoint you.

        As for your endless search for things to boycott, where does it end? Where does Mr. Durant draw his line? You must not watch much tv. Its gets kind of lonely on ABC. All other major networks carry the NFL. NBC, CBS, FOX… whats YOUR favorite tv show? (<– I bet you will answer that question in your reply.) May I suggest you go live under a rock with your laptop like the man in the Geico commercial. You want to shut everyone down? In "your world" yes. Im thankful you can not do it in mine.

        By the way, In that shot of Vick with the ticker tape and the Disney World speech he will be wearing a Nike hat. The same hat that they will sell millions of. He will be weraing a Reebok Jersey and the Subway logo will be prominently displayed in one of the corners of your tv offering $7 meal deals for the week to celebrate MV … I want to know, will you have a calling to boycott Disney World also?

        Lynn – 😉 (hey I figure if it works for Chris, why not) I will take your analogy of Bin Laden killing 3000 innocent PEOPLE. I will say yes, that IS INDEED what it took for us to realize the underlaying problem that no one took seriously and how big it really was. Like dogfighting. It made us aware, made us change the way we do things and made us never forget just how bad that was. Im glad you brought it up. Perfect. Do we have to thank him? No. But you can not evade the fact that in the long run, we are safer. I guess we must differ on that tidbit also. I do not understand how you can perceive it otherwise.

        As far as repeat offenders happening, according to you almost 100% of the time, and moving up to killing humans. I am willing to take my chances on MV being that other fraction of a percent. After all, since you seem to like statistics, how many ex-con / pro football players do you know of that have turned into serial killers? I say serial killer not to exaggerate my point, but to take what some knucklehead implied what is most likely to become of Vick. The answer is zero.

        As for my view of the future… This problem was here hunderds of years before us. This is what it took for people to realize the extent of the problem. Embrace it, use it to change things, introduce the means to try and make a difference and to have a fighting chance against it. Within the term of MVs contract, children that were having their asses wiped in 2007 will be watching ESPN. They may see MV, the man, speaking for everything your fighting for, and knowing very little about the details. They would just know that "he was caught for dogfighting". They can listen to his messages and believe it and live it. -Or- They can listen to and read the things that Chris writes. What would you prefer the future to hold?

        I am looking forward to your replies.

        I hope you enjoyed the fruits of you labor this weekend.

        Mike – HeeHawww.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Let me understand this? So your comparison of Vick is that of a 1.) Mob Informant 2.) Drug Rat 3.) Convicted Felon? Yeah, those last two are pretty accurate. Perhaps these criminals represent the real line of defense in the war on crime? And just what world do you live in? But to your real question, where would we be? Confidential informants whether in a criminal setting or in a counter terrorism setting are invaluable – absolutely. But that is not what Michael Vick is, nor what he is doing. Are there ongoing investigations that you are privy to that Vick is assisting authorities with? I don’t need an answer that might jeopardize someone’s cover. Vick has spoken with Pacelle at the HSUS “End Dog fighting” events – good for him, he should be. But to laud him as a leader in the fight against dog fighting and animal cruelty is absurd. And to say he’s saved more dogs than he’s hurt/killed is asinine. So what is the message, John? “Look at me, I did these horrific things, which you all know about and see in your neighborhood everyday. But I got caught, fortunately I only I got a slap on the wrist and look at me now!”?

        As for as me calling for a boycott to this product or that company, each individual has the right to choose what and who they support. I recognize that my few dollars withheld will not impact Nike or Subway or any other business entity, however, neither will they contribute to them. That is all, John. That is my choice. You are free to think, feel, and spend however you like. Enjoy.

      • Hi again John…

        I will agree with you that more attention has been focused on dog fighting because of Michael Vick. One thing I will not say, though – even sarcastically – is “thanks to Michael Vick”.

        But, let me keep your logic beyond my statement above and continue the parallel with BinLadin:

        Why did we just not “forgive and forget” the brutality that occurred at *his* hands? After all, he brought it to our national attention that there are people out there who hate us and who would love to see us dead. So why don’t we just forget the blood on *his* hands and hold *him* up as some inspired messenger who saved us from our own ignorance and our failure to recognize those who hate us – *before* September 11th? Why don’t we just get over it? Forgive him, forget it and move on, right?

        That is what you are asking us to do with Michael Vick. There will always be people who will not do that, John. Michael Vick himself has acknowledged this. And he said he doesn’t blame them. So, if he is your hero, then consider following his example and also acknowledge this fact.

        We – the people who hold this skeptical position when it comes to Michael Vick – may be the *only* people who, by our *remembering it* can be the barrier to him choosing to act it out again in the future. And Michael Vick himself may be very acutely aware of this.

        So maybe, just maybe, you should be thanking us for helping to keep his sociopathic personality disorder in check….

      • Spare me the “Respectfully” and answer my questions I asked on 9/6 at 1:15.

    • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

      Sorry John–YOU are the one who with no excuse. Football is just a game. It’s not life or death. Anyone who wants to evelate the status of football and people playing it to anything more than what it is– A GAME with players is pathetic. I think you are a bully. Maybe you got picked on in school and now you find it necessary to bully others who don’t agree with you. Go read the book The Lost Dogs (http://www.thelostdogsbook.com/). I DARE you. Go talk to some of the owners of former Vick dogs. Go stretch your mind to consider ‘what if’.

      Initially when there were rumors of Vick being involved in dog fighting, I thought surely someone like him would not be involved in dog fighting. Well, as we know he was more than involved in it–by his own admission.

      And for the record, Vick did not serve any time for animal abuse/cruelty/torture and killing. He served time for involvement in dogfighting. The lame state of Virginia never pursued the actual cruelty/torture charges. Also, here’s the sentencing document: http://assets.espn.go.com/media/pdf/071210/vicksentencing.pdf

      He’s such a “great” role model for your kids John. Even after being in trouble already in 2007, Vick had tested positive for marijuana in September 2007 while he was on supervised release following his guilty plea.

      Go read the book the Lost Dogs. I would love to hear more from you after you read it.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Welcome back. You actually found someone to bail you out? Nice!

      • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

        Playboy–do you do anything else besides mouth off? Um, you have no idea who I am or what I do so how do you know that I’m not already doing those things–how much volunteer work do you do? What do you do to give back to society? What is your purpose in life except to make smart ass comments with basis?

  27. I understand why people are incensed at $100,000,000. deal ( most of which is PR , he will get $40,000,000 though , most of which will go to his creditors. That at least is a positive , people getting the money owed them , not stiffed while he gets rich .
    I don’t like the adoration he gets , or the endorsements ( twq-faced, greedy , hypocrates ) Don’t blame Vick for that .
    The fact he can make a living . pay his bills , and not be another drag on the system is also a positive ( what else is he qualified to do ? ) He did mean , cruel things to animals , he got caught , he did prison time , is paying off the debts , is talking to kids , schools about the negatives he committed , albeit at the urging of his “people ” . I don’t know if he is sincere ? Or just doing what he feels he is “suppose” to do , but at least it s positive , not negative.
    The fact he has been able to quickly jump back to the forefront and to excell is what seems to get under people’s skin . like he is being rewarded . Too many other , more important , issues to be concerned with these days .

    • Hi Gary…

      I too, am curious about “the urging of his ‘people'”.

      The time that this man will have to prove himself, one way or the other, will be when he is retired, the NFL no longer has any shred of control over him, and the spotlight leaves him for someone else.

      What will he do when (he thinks) no one is watching anymore?

      Time will tell. He will either disappoint those who idolize him, or he will prove his skeptics (like me) wrong.

      I the meantime, I cannot implicitly cheer for someone capable of such a complete and willful disconnect from compassion and mercy, by way of supporting the Philadelphia Eagles.

    • John Scarduzio Says:

      B-I-N-G-O and Bingo was his name-o.

  28. One can only hope that when Vick meets his Maker, that he will at last have to ccount for his actions. and perhaps the old addage an eye for eye will finally take place. I’d likle to watch that !!!!

  29. Playboy, I have never encountered a more ignorant human being than you. You really can not see the difference between killing for food and torture for fun? That is astounding, Pits get put to sleep in shelters because of stupid people breeding them for fighting and they are too far gone and can not be rehabilitated,or people breeding them over and over for the money or just not getting their dogs spayed or neutered and then just abandoning them and unfortunately there are more dogs then families in this countries so shelters get over crowded and dogs of all breeds get put down, not just pits. Also, the whole state of Colorado has not banned pits only Denver and believe me there are lots of people trying to get the BSL overturned. You make yourself sound like such an ignorant person calling John your hero even he does not want such an ignorant individual sticking up for him, pretty sad. You think Chris is not answering you and John because he is afraid? My guess is he has a life and does not sit in front of his computer waiting to debate with idiots who have no morals and nothing to back up what they are saying, Chris probably does not want to stoop down to yours and John’s level. There is no hope for people like you, John and Vick. You and John want to keep your blinders on and that is your choice but for us people that have morals and think torturing dogs for over 6 years is inexcusable and unforgivable we will continue to stick up for those who do not have a voice. Pits are not the problem, people like Vick, John and you are the problem

    • playboy has no idea what he’s talking about. he’s here to stir thing up with the same ridiculous babble all Vick huggers use. playboys defense for Vick is “it was just a few dogs”.

      unaware & ignorant people say those things. most Vick huggers fall into that category.

      personally I find it fun when they scream they want honest debate & when they get it they either give ignorant information & show they have no idea whi Mike Vick really is or they just start calling names & making smirky, dumb jokes. Vick defenders have no idea of what a debate is & most of them prove the dumbing down of America is alive & well.

      • Amen, Mike! I wish this forum had a like option!!

      • Right on Mike.I have been reading all this stuff for days,and it just blows my mind,the limp and totally ridiculous stuff those other people,should I call them people?Have been saying.I guess for a lot of people,NFL,and sports are more important than love,kindness,compassion,integrity,and goodness.To me the picture is clear,but there are a lot of people out there,who obviously don’t know all the facts,or can’t admit that maybe there is truth to what Chris and lots of us are saying.Personally I am so sick of the trouble makers,this is Chris” blog,So if they don’t like his point of view,get lost!

  30. I have to admit that I haven’t read every single comment word for word, so excuse me if someone already said this but DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THAT FOOTBALL IS A GAME????????? Micahel Vick hasn’t cured cancer, found everyone a good job or brokered world peace, so why does ANYONE feel the need to defend him so passionately? And if the people who were trying to cure cancer, find people good jobs and broker world peace were paid the kind of money that this disgusting excuse for a man is, the world would be a much better place. Most athletes at the national level are ridiculously overcompensated.

    • “Like” your comment, Sue!

    • Kathy Rakestraw Says:

      Suescat, I said the same thing and John Scarduzio said that was a lame comment. I think John & Playboy are just a bunch of bullies who must been picked on in school and have this intense desire to stir up trouble as adults.

  31. I’d like to take this a step further into a place that I know is purely conjecture…. but consider this possibility, as cynical as it may sound (because we do live in a corrupt world where the almighty dollar is god)…

    The NFL knows this guy is a genius with a great arm on the field. Is it too much of a stretch to conclude that they are exploiting (and controlling) him for the sake of revenue? Even negative publicity is publicity…

    So, it makes me wonder:
    Will the NFL continue to support this guy once his career is over? Will the NFL continue to hold him accountable for his actions once his career is over?
    Will the NFL continue to present him as a role model of redemption when his body can’t keep up with the sport?
    I suspect that we will find that the answer to all of these questions will be “no.”

    Is it too much of a cynical stretch to think that maybe…
    just maybe…
    the NFL has bought him?
    If that is the case (and it *could* be),
    then what will happen when he can no longer play?

    I guess time will tell.

    But being in medicine and dealing with the victims of sociopaths for several years of my career, I agree with those who feel he is a sociopath whose pathology will resurface.

    What is really disturbing to me is the *possibility* that the NFL is exploiting a heinous mental illness for the sake of greed…..

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