All about Chris Durant’s World

“Chris Durant’s World” is the place to learn all about the actor and model.

We will keep you updated on current projects as well as provide some insight into Mr. Durant’s personal life.  Additionally we will make sure you have access to the latest stories and photos from the set and around the world.

Thank you for stopping by and Welcome to “Chris Durant’s World”!



4 Responses to “All about Chris Durant’s World”

  1. Chris durant Says:

    Hi there. Im chris durant too!!
    Serious. Kinda cool. Well, i liv in maine, and am kinda crazy and fun . I hav heard i should hav my own sho as well!! The chris f#%^*n durant show! But, nope. Im just an auto mechanic up here. O well:))
    Cya. Hope all is well.
    Yers truly,
    Chris Durant!!

  2. Paula Kerr Says:

    Your post regarding Michael Vick was forwarded to me by a friend. Thank you for continuing in the fight to keep his atrotiuos crimes in the public eye. I know he will falter again and I for one will be watching.
    Again thank you
    Paula Kerr

  3. Sue Malone Says:


    Today I read a posting on Facebook “Through Her Eyes”. That is probably one of the most powerful stories I have ever read. I own 2 community newspapers in the Chicago, Illinois area. I would like to get your permission to publish that story. The newspapers – City NewsHound and Journal News are big into animal welfare issues and I think this story would definately make people think twice about Michael Vick (scum) and a lot of other issues. I personally work with a lot of homeless pit bulls and also have one of my own. Thanks for writing that. I am sure it will make a huge difference.

    Sue Malone

  4. Thank you for the Vick articles.

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