Michael Vick was Wrongly Convicted!

Michael Vick was Wrongly Convicted!

Since this past Monday and more specifically for the majority of the Philadelphia Eagles sensational season, I have heard so many people touting Michael Vick. Oh yeah, “Michael Vick has really turned it around, “ etc.

And now, Barrack Obama, the President of the United States, the de facto leader of the Free World, thought it would be a good idea to chirp in and toss a little praise his way as well by taking the time to make a phone call (while on vacation in Hawaii) to the owner of the Eagles and commend him for giving Vick a 2nd chance.


(Here’s your class act role model Mr. President)

I think anyone who thinks that Michael Vick has paid his debt and is a reformed individual needs to take a little walk down memory lane and remind themselves just what this so-called man was engaged in and willfully perpetrated.

Here are the facts:

* Michael Vick was a REGISTERED dog breeder.
* April 24, 2007: Michael Vick’s cousin, Davon Boddie, was arrested in Hampton, Va., on drug charges, leading police to obtain a warrant to search his home (owned by Vick) for other drugs and paraphernalia.
* April 25, 2007: While serving the search warrant, police discovered evidence of an alleged dogfighting operation, including rape stands, pry bars, treadmills modified for dog training, and a blood-stained carpet. Animal-control officers also removed 66 dogs from the property, 55 of which were pit bulls.
* Vick and his co-defendants began the dogfighting operation in early 2001.
* Fights staged on the Surry County premises had purses of as much as $20,000 or more at times.
* The formation of Bad Newz Kennels and testing of the dogs began in early 2002. According to the indictment, one of the dogs did not fight well and was shot to death with a .22 caliber pistol.
* In March 2003, after a pit bull from Bad Newz Kennels lost in a fight, it was executed by wetting it with water and electrocuting it.
* In April 2007, approximately eight dogs that did not perform well in testing were killed by “hanging, drowning, and slamming at least one dog’s body to the ground.”

Here is what Virginia law provides in terms of sentencing for animal cruelty related crimes:

In Virginia, a first offense that does not result in the death of an animal is a Class 1 misdemeanor, which carries a sentence of twelve months or less and a fine of up to $2500 or both. A person committing a second offense, or if the animal dies as a result of the first offense, is guilty of a Class 6 felony, punishable by up to five years in prison or, in the alternative, a prison sentence of less than a year or a maximum fine of $2500 or both. In addition, the owner of a dog or cat injured or killed as a result of cruelty is entitled to a damage award for the value of the animal or the damage done.

Just so we’re clear, Michael Vick was sentenced to 23 months and served 18. Hmm. Now, I am no math wizard, but that seems quite short of the potential maximum. Oh, and he did have to pay a $5,000 fine and another $100 in administration fees.

Why, you ask? Because Michael Vick was not convicted according the Virginia Animal Cruelty laws. Instead he was indicted in Federal Court and pled guilty to one (1), I repeat, one count of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fight Venture”. An offense that carries a two to five year sentence. I am going to say this again because it’s important: ‘Vick was sentenced to 23 months and served 18 months’. Again, not quite two years and certainly short of the five year maximum sentence. But again, this is only for one count or offense. So no Mr. President, Michael Vick has NOT paid his debt to society. But, then again, your Secretary of the Treasury is an admitted tax evader. It must be nice to view right and wrong from your perspective.

One count. This is unbelievable. Between 2001 and 2007 Michael Vick sponsored dogs in eleven fights. Additionally, he traveled to four states to purchase eleven dogs. Again, could this not be construed as 22 counts? Even with Vick’s meager sentencing this would have equated to 396 months or 33 YEARS!! And even at an absolute minimum, why was he not charged with four counts of the incredibly weak “Conspiracy…”?

But better yet, if he had been truly tried according to Virginia’s Animal Cruelty Laws he could have been tried for twenty dog fights and nine executions. SIXTY FIVE YEARS! Instead, he was again allowed to plead out (while serving out his Federal sentence) to ONE count of dog fighting (the single Animal Cruelty charge was dropped as a part of the plea agreement) and received a three year suspended sentence for time served on the Federal charges. The prosecutor (Virginia’s Surry County Commonwealth Attorney General – Gerald G. Poindexter) didn’t feel that the costs associated with transporting Vick to Virginia from Leavenworth penitentiary in Kansas was worth it. There was also another $2,500 fine which was suspended as well. Nice job, Poindexter. I am sure the good people of Surry County think you’re a real legal eagle, huh?

Some more of Chris’ great math – If Surry County had actually tried Vick they could have charged him with those 29 offenses and reaped $72,500 in fines. Another area I am not an expert in, is travel logistics, but I cannot imagine it would come any where near $72,500 to transport Vick the 1,160 miles (I Google Mapped it) – I mean, that’s $62.50 a mile!? They could have fueled an Abrams M1 armored tank (probably one of the world’s worst gas efficient vehicles) for the entire trip for a mere $3,420.

Another side note: Five of the surviving dogs rescued from Vick’s compound had to be put down. He was not held accountable for those either. But, according to Virginia law, he absolutely should have been. That would have brought the potential charge count up to 34 and another $12,500 for Mr. Poindexter’s ridiculous transportation fund.

Many of you may think I am taking the far extreme position, and I am. Let me point out a few things that should sicken even the hardest of you that may be reading this. First, as if dog fighting isn’t vicious enough, the animals that did not meet Vick and Co. standards or lost their fights were executed. Now I do not mean that they were euthanized by a simple and clean (or slightly humane) method. No, these dogs were sadistically tortured and killed (at times by Vick’s own hands) using methods that required even a slight degree of premeditation and a strong degree of sociopathology – malice and forethought: HANGING, DROWNING, ELECTROCUTING, BLUDGEONED WITH A SHOVEL, SLAMMING THEM TO THE GROUND, et al. That kind of emotional detachment is truly frightening. If Vick and the others associated with Bad NewZ Kennels had done to humans what they did to these dogs, they would be mentioned in the same breath with Dahmer, Gacey, Manson, BTK and other notorious serial killers.

Vick is reported as having experienced an adrenaline rush and euphoric like high from his participation in this savagery.

Innocent Victim

Here’s a little tidbit for you:

“The FBI considers animal cruelty a predictor for violence and continued violent behavior… and is a considered factor when profiling serial killers.”

Nice, huh?

And if you can still overlook the glaring brutality committed by and on behalf of this man, then you seriously need to get your football shaped head out of your ass and consider the situation without Vick. Vick is just a man, he is not a football god, and he is not the savior of the Philadelphia Eagles, the NFL or the sport as a whole. There are hundreds of quarterbacks between the current NFL rosters and those in the many colleges and universities around our country. Most may not have the talent level of Vick, but fortunately (to the best of our knowledge) they don’t have the violent pathology either.

As ridiculous as this is, even the Humane Society of the United States is jumping on the Vick bandwagon and is considering sponsoring Michael Vick to adopt a puppy. Vick is reported as saying it would:

“…be a big step in the rehabilitation process. I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals; I think it would be outstanding. If I ever have the opportunity again I will never take it for granted,” Vick told NBC, “I miss having a dog right now. I wish I could.”

There should be a massive public outcry calling for the immediate and unconditional resignation or simple termination of HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle. This is an outrage. I seriously hope that anyone who previously gave or is thinking about giving to the HSUS will better spend their money supporting the law enforcing ASPCA or even better their local shelter.

“Junkies want drugs and pedophiles want children.” It doesn’t mean we give them to them. Vick is no different. Vick’s sentencing prohibited him from owning a dog until 2012. This man should never be allowed to own a dog. Let him explain to his girls what daddy did and why they cannot have that cute little puppy and live with the full weight of his actions.

For whatever reason [read: greed] Vick has been afforded a great opportunity for a second chance at his life. But if he were just a regular Joe convicted of these or even far lesser offenses the President would not be so quick to applaud his second chance.
It is truly a shame that our current legal system does not provide stricter punishment for offenses like this. We tend to “rehabilitate” through lenient sentencing, counseling and half-hearted community service.

Here is a final parting image for you: (From The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant, senior editor of Sports Illustrated)

“As that dog lay on the ground, fighting for air, Quanis Phillips grabbed its front legs and Michael Vick grabbed its back legs. They swung the dog over their head like a jump rope then slammed it to the ground. The first impact didn’t kill it. So, Phillips and Vick slammed it again. The two men kept at it, alternating back and forth, pounding the creature against the ground until, at last, the little red dog was dead.”

Michael Vick, you and your fans (including the POTUS, Surry County Commonwealth Attorney General – Gerald Poindexter, Eagles Owner – Jeffrey Lurie, and HSUS CEO – Wayne Pacelle) make me sick.

Most Sincerely,

Chris Durant

1. Department of Agriculture Investigative Interview
2. Vick Federal Indictment
3. Vick Federal Case Statement of the Facts
4. Vick Federal Plea Agreement
5. Vick Federal Probation
6. Vick Federal Sentencing (slow loading and hard to read)
7. Vick Motion to Enter Plea (in VA) via Video Conference
8. Vick Virginia Plea Agreement

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362 Responses to “Michael Vick was Wrongly Convicted!”

  1. This article proves that the DA failed to do their job in pressing all charges against VICK not HSUS. http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/dogfighting/qa/vick_faq.html


  3. Teresa Smith Says:

    Theres a special place in hell for you Michael Vick

  4. What Vick the Dick did was not a mistake, it was ABUSE AND MURDER!! Like you said if any “Joe” off the street had done the same they would probably be in jail for MANY years no bloody 18 months!!

    He MUST NEVER own an animal again because the fate of that animal is known, abuse and death!!

    One day those dogs will come back to you Vick the Dick

  5. Seriously, If I had just 1 day with this cruel bastard, I’d literally go insane on his ass!!! I really don’t understand how someone could actually use animals in such a way. People like Michael should be given 20 to life, or the electric chair. The most disturbing part of it all for me was when I’d read about how these innocent animals were being executed. Most of these sick idiots actually come from a disturbed background which involves sexual abuse or physical abuse while growing up so that contributes more to the fact that as they mature into adults, they share little or even no mercy for animals and other people alike. I’ve done research of animal offenders around 2009, and the statistics I’d aquired actually showed that the majority of criminals: murderers, rapists, animal offenders, hijackers, etc… where actually victims of some kind of mental, physical or sexual abuse. I do feel for people like this, but really, that shouldn’t give them the right to take things into their own hands and act in such an uncivilised and inhumane manner. The governments should seriously consider giving harsher sentences or maybe even the chair for extreme offenders. This alone would drop the increase in almost all criminal activities!!!

  6. thank you for the great article, chris.

    i thought the point about animal abuse being a precursor to serial murder was quite apropos. i am afraid for his children and girlfriend/wife. this will be the next big story we hear about vick. personally, from the first time i saw him, i always thought there was something in his eyes that you just couldn’t trust.

    i hope people will continue to read this article and get involved, not only for the sake of animals, but for all victims without voices.

  7. wonderful post, very informative. I wonder
    why the other specialists of this sector don’t notice this. You must continue your writing. I am confident, you have a huge readers’ base already!

  8. Why is everyone so suprised? Many criminals don’t serve their full term or pay the maximum fines allowed. Some with more hideous crimes then these against other people. I do not condone what this morron did, but to be suprised by his sentence is absurd at best. This unfortunately is becoming the standard in our legal system. Anyone tired of all the idiots in politics yet? Anyone really to replace all politicians in office for more than one term yet? That is how real change starts. I bet if the people really united for the good of this country we would see real changes made. I get so tired of the grumbling and class warfare while our politicians appoint idiots to judicial appointments and no one even notices til something like this happens. Oh, well!

  9. Ann Marie Says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article u said everything and more …. I cried ad I read it …. He disgusts me ….& Mr. President look into your dogs eyes and think about it … What if it where your dog?? Thank you again

  10. We are living in a society that has forfeited moral values for false hero worship and blind material obsession. Michael Vick and his sycophants and defenders….case in point.

  11. Yes, Lynne, we are in the twilight zone. But don’t be too disappointed in the human race. Many of them are hurting. Some are hurting because they see somewhat of Vick in themselves. We hate most what we see mirrored in others. Those that hate lies the most are those that have the tendency to lie. Those that hate people earning more money than they ever could, are poor in spirit. I have always known that over half the peple in America will always make more than I do. Doesn’t matter. All of my NEEDS are met. When I think that no one needs that much money, I remember that it also applies to me. I don’t need all that money either. Yet sometimes I think I would like to have all that money. Then I remember who I am and my heart fills with joy that I am happy and content.

  12. You all are idiots. He funded the whole thing. i hope you all have the same furfor for child molestors or child abusers or murderers. I doubt that though. You want a MAN to got to jail for years for a Dog that may live for 7! you guys should be ashamed of yourselves

    • Ashamed?? Jis he ashamed for killiong innocent creatures? You think dogs don’t have the same worth as a man??? I’ll talke my dogs anyday. And the fact that you would say that shows your true soul…or lack of it.

      • Theonegirl Says:

        Come on. Dogs have the same worth as people? You’re a clown. I love my pets to death, but they aren’t human beings.

    • There is nothing manly about Asshole Vick. He is just a punk he can abuse animals and get by with it. Just like there is nothing manly about you for defending him, I bet you are a punk too.

    • Adrian's a Cocksucker Says:

      You’re a dick. I hope you get hit by a garbage truck.

      • Which I prasy every day happens to Vick the Dick and any and all of hius supporters. What I really want to see tho is a career ending injury to him on the field. If he can’t play football will they shoot him? Hang him? Electrocute him?? Ghandi says you can judge the sould of a nation by how they treat their animals.

  13. Obama would not get involved in the Georgia Death Sentance..that just happend…. a dasy agono 2nd chance for that dude..But a known Serial Dog Hitler can get his praises….? maybe he IS the Anti Christ….

  14. I have no doubt that the reason Vick faced no jail fime for dogfighting was that the authorities here in Virginia took their cue from the NFL. It certainly wouldn’t be the only time money, power, celebrity and pressure from all 3 have persuaded justice in this state to take a blind eye. If they’d actually tried him on the Virginia statutes, they would have had to put him away for a long time, way TOO LONG for him to be able to return to football. It could also be that those he’s indebted to had a hand in this. Justice for the dogs took a back seat to the almighty dollar.

    Vick is pondscum and always will be. I’m tired of hearing people defend him. I’m sick of people saying he’s paid his debt when he hasn’t, or that he’s turned a corner and turned his life around when both are a joke. Remorse? What remorse!

    Then there’s Al Michaels talking about Vick serving time in prison on FEDERAL DOGFIGHTING charges- there is no such thing as federal dogfighting charges and the bastard never served a day for the heinous things he did to those innocent dogs, including his own pets, other pets stolen from people’s yards, and pets taken under false pretenses from shelters. Scum!!!!

    Yet we are supposed to forgive and forget. NEVER!!!!!.

    • Sharon Cooper: Exactly ! Theonegirl: “Dogs have the same worth as people? You’re a clown.” In my world, dogs have more worth than people. People don’t give you unconditional love. Your slinging insulting names at respondent speaks volumes of just how minimally intuitive you are.

  15. Michael Vick himself is not what worries me. It is the thousands of low-life scum that support him. His fan base is deeply rooted in ignorance and illiteracy, which sadly now includes the president of the united states. It is a sad day even in HELL when the youth of this country is led by the hand to idolize the most notorius ” inter-species SADIST / animal torturer” in modern history…. as he will be so described in all the histroy books to follow. A true tesiment of what our society has become. Truly DISGUSTING!!

    Join my cause on faceBook =-> Stop Michael Vick NOW

    and whichever God you pray to, my He (or She) thoroughly bless the brave souls that sit outside eagles stadium in the freezing cold in protest of this POS / sub-human.

    • why the hell would any one do this…. I have Pits and the thought of someone doing this to them is sickning. Pits are illegal in almost all 50 states. Start putting the blame on the people that do the sick ,mean abuse. Not the dogs. Fact of the matter is. These dogs were are first search and rescue And our first police dogs. And the stolen dogs in Maine. One of them was mine. You should not be out of Jail Michael Vick nor should you be aloud to play football.

  16. E. H. Rhodes Says:

    What an idiot he is and all of you who believe he is wrongly convicted. I would like to do to each one of you, what he allowed and participated in doing to those precious dogs.

    You make me sick and may your souls rot in Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • S.H. Boone Says:

      AMEN, Miss E.H.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Agree S.H. – I just hope she actually read the article and is lumping us erroneously. It happens quite often due to the controversial albeit satirical title. -CD


  17. I am posting this to my FB account so that all my friends concerned with the safety of companion animals will know how truly evil Vick is, and how corrupt HSUS has become.

  18. Jay Soloway Says:

    On a related topic, I understand that Nike is considering (or have they already?) reinstating his contract with them? I for one, have no intention of EVER purchasing anything Nike EVER…I certainly hope everyone else feels the same way.
    Btw, just what does that say about our society when a company jumps on the bandwagon when they think it serves their purpose, but then retracts their position when it suits them?

    • Debbie Taber Says:

      I have a pitbull. He is beautiful & a big loving baby! When my grandchildren go outside he follows them & never leaves their side! I think Michael Vick should suffer EVERY sort of torture that he dd to these poor dogs, only raised for one reason……to put $$$$$ into Vicks pocket! He is one sick MF. I hope he rots in hell!!!
      Debbie Taber-animal lover!

  19. JMurphy Says:

    Once a child abuser is convicted, they are absolutely NOT allowed to have children in their care again. I can’t believe that they want to give him a puppy! Even if he truly has reformed (which I doubt having seen the video of his ‘wooden’ acting when he revisited his crime scene), that’s like putting drugs in front of a recovered user on a daily basis and seeing if they crack. You keep the ex-user away from their drug, and you keep a child abuser away from children. His actions of abuse made him feel euphoric and powerful, so I worry for the safety of any dog in his care. Thanks for a great article Chris, we have to keep fighting to get justice for the animals who have died and those still traumatised at the hands of this monster.

  20. Thanks for the great article. Thank you for putting the facts out there without too much emotional fluff behind it. As disgusting as Vick’s acts were it’s hard to do.

    Also, Nike just signed another contract with VIck. I guess they believe that the American public have the memory of gold fish (and sadly it seems as though some do). Please boycott Nike to let them know that we do not want this kind of role model! http://www.facebook.com/notonike


  21. Vick is the mistake here. A mistaken blob of crap posing as a human. Of those who support VIck, who of you will volunteer to be treated like one of his dogs for a day? half a day? and hour?

    I didn’t think so. Chicken shits. Talk the talk, but won’t walk the walk. You’d be peeing yourself after 1 minute of being treated the way Vick treats his animal. Disgusting.

  22. I was at a 4-h dog show today, and one of our advisors and his wife were sitting their eating Subway. I said something about Michael Vick and he went off and told me that he completely believed in Michael Vick and that he in him heart believed that Michael Vick had been rehabilitated and was a “good” man. My comment was, well then I guess you should just give him you pitbull puppy to have as his next pet and walked away with no answer from him. I have never really cared for this jerk, I really have no use for him now.

  23. traci gardner Says:

    I can’t wait until this worthless piece of crap meets his maker! I bet he won’t be as forgiving as the HSUS and the gutless, heartless, and immoral followers are!

    • I agree 100%

    • mistydarby1@msn.com Says:

      I have prayed for these poor souls and cried SO many tears for them! I’ve heard people say that dogs don’t have souls so they don’t go to heaven. But I just can’t accept that, you can’t tell me that these bundles of furry love just die and that’s it. I so hope and pray that God will bring justice to Vick and others who are horrible and evil like that to poor defenseless dogs. I get sick and tired of hearing people say ‘they’re just dogs’, I couldn’t disagree more. I have to believe that the God I love and believe in loves and cares for these dogs because he made them, and he loves his creation small and large, I just have to believe somewhere in me that something good will be done for these dogs one day and God will avenge them as well. Monsters just can’t be allowed to get away with it :*(

      • Fortunately God will bring justice to all. Vick will receive justice at God’s hand just as you and I will. The good thing is that God is love and I will not allow myself to hate anyone enough to go to hell. Hating anyone, Vick, Hitler, Cheney, a celebrity, my brother is a sure way to separate me from God. I can’t afford that. Talking about how awful someone is and hating them for it is useless. I think Vick’s acts were deplorable, but when it comes to vengence (or revenge) The Father says,”Vengence is mine. I will repay.” Notice that He does not say, I may repay, but I WILL repay. The matter is in good hands. I am free to love all. I had a pet. I loved him dearly all his life. I miss him so much. I know someone who thought fighting dogs was good. It made me physically sick. Oh, and I have suffered at the hands of others. I still do not hate any of them.

  24. Bravo. Excellent, excellent post. I had to skim some of it, and speed by the image because it makes my blood boil. Thanks for helping spread the word. I’m going to share your post everywhere…

  25. […] pages. If anyone has questions about Michael Vick and why you should be involved in this, go to Michael Vick was Wrongly Convicted! Chris Durant’s World This explains everything quite […]

  26. It appears that blacks will defend Vick, apologize or minimize his horrible acts of terror, give him the keys to the city? I am shocked and disgusted how this case has gone. He should have been prosecuted for his crimes, he should be in prison, Obama should be sitting next to him as should the idiot giving him the keys to Dallas, What has this world come to?

    • Rosalie M Says:

      Glaring prejudice won’t do anything to help your argument.

      • Agreed! Are they saying we shouldn’t forgive him because he’s black. I’ll bet 90% of all these hate-mongers call themselves “Christians”.

    • Sounds like you hate all blacks. How well do you know all of them? I know a few and not one of them defends Vick. Most of them like Obama. I like Obama also. What has Obama done to go to prison for? Since it was an idiot who gave the keys to Dallas, it should not matter. Idiots are not known to be responsible people. Had it been a member of the intelligentsia, I might be concerned.


  27. I think they should have put him in a cage match against all the dogs he tourtured and bet on who the winner would have been. Me and my sister rescued a pit bull that was tourtured and fought, only to have him stolen back from us by the fighters and put in another dog fight where he lost and was killed by the other dog! RIP Bones he was a great and loveable dog and deserved better!

  28. The precedence this case sets alarms me. The fact this this man is basically allowed to do what he pleases sickens me, but the fact that there are people that defend him truly terrifies me! I’m terrified that means that all these “defenders” treat their animals with similar disregard. And that they are teaching this to their kids…a whole new generation of abusers. Who will in turn teach their kids…the absolute viciousness of the cycle is appalling.
    Chris your opinion is so in line with mine, and I appreciate the work you personally are doing to get the word out!!! Kudos!!!

  29. […] out against dog fighting. He paid money towards the support of his surviving dogs. But the fact is, had he actually been tried according to the animal cruelty laws in the state of Virginia, he would have been charged with twenty dogfights and the cruel deaths of nine dogs. He would have […]

  30. Rhonda A. Boos Says:

    I think I have heard everything out there from the ignorance of a lot of people who will support Michael Vic. They support him and some do not educate themselves on what he has done because they really do not want to know. Well this is my response on all the questions or statements that are thrown at those of us that have compassion and morals.
    1: He served his time and leave him alone…..He may have served his time but he learned nothing. His documentary on his incarceration was all about how horrible the experience was for him. He had an interview where when asked if he would change anything in his life he said no, when he was questioned on that he stated he would have liked to get less time in jail. Last but certainly not least at another interview he stated he felt bad because he could not have a dog. This person learned nothing and everything is poor me, I for one do not feel sorry for what he had to go through. As far as leave him alone, there is at least one dog out there that he wants to get his hands on, the minute you forget is the day he gets himself another dog. Oh and by the way his last few house pets (dogs) were used as bait dogs for his dog fighting ring.
    2: Everyone makes mistakes and we think we are saints. Mistakes are hanging out with people who do this and not knowing it, participating and getting enjoyment from doing this for 6 years is not a mistake. This was an intentional act with enjoyment, you do not kill animals the way he did if you do not enjoy it. As far as being a saint, I may have hurt someone’s feelings a few times, intended or not, but do not lump me in with a cold blooded killer of animals.
    3: They are just dogs….In the case of serial killers, they will lash out at those that cannot hurt them in return. The graduation hypothesis states that these acts of violence start out small and slowly work their way upward to acts of murder. Examples : Ted Bundy, Jeffery Dahmer, and Dennis Rader. Although I am not saying he will be a killer of multiple people but there is something mentally wrong with someone who does this.
    4: Everyone wants to punish him because he is black……This I do not know what to say. I would have the same anger toward my grandmother if she did what this man did, although thank goodness my grandmother is a wonderful and moral woman. Someone was bound to make this a racial thing. I would say 99% of the people upset by this would say it is a animal torture thing.

  31. Rhonda A. Boos Says:

    Hey Chris,
    It has been a while since I have read this and I must say it makes me laugh now. Although the things he has done is very upsetting to me in a non-jealous, white female (actually more of a human being) way, I find all of the ignorant comments frightningly funny. It is a ” I can not believe people find this immoral behavior, acceptable and excusable” funny moment. I find your comments well said and sensible. I am as outraged as you and can not fathom how anyone would not feel the same outrage as I do. Keep up the good work and know you have a lot of support, every person informed counts. XOXOXO

  32. First of all, let’s get one thing straight…he is not African American as he was not born there…he is a black man who made it lucky by being on a football team and in time will be forgotten for his so-called merits…but I can bet ya he will never be forgotten for his cruel, sick and depraved treatment of those poor innocent dogs…shame on him and any other sick scum that partakes in these heinous acts.

  33. Jennifer Says:

    You forgot to mention that they took all his assets including 28 million dollars from around 8 of his bank accounts. Just an FYI if your going to say he didn’t pay enough in liquid assets for his crime.

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Jennifer –

      To your point, Michael VIck paid approximately $948,000 in court ordered restitution to provide care and shelter for the “SURVIVING” dogs that were rescued from his compound. As for any of the montetary figures you speak of, I would look to the bankruptcy cases again. As Vick as most professional athletes to, over spent and out ran his credit.

      Just to clarify, I do not know the details of the bankruptcy case and quite honestly really do not care.’


    • Frankly, if they took the supposed 28 million from him, he still didn’t pay enough.

    • chris dickinson Says:

      and exactly how many dogs “survived”? and what kind of life do they have? even 1 million wouldn’t be enough to pay for what he did (and will probably continue to do, because hey, he gets high from it) and according to his spokesman regarding one of the rescued dogs he “doesn’t care about the dog”. so much for his rehab.

      • Many of the dogs in his compound susrvived and were retrained…some asa companion dogs, police dogs and rescue dogs. There’s a facebook page about the Vicktorious Dogs. And this proves there is nothing wron with the breed, just those who abuse them.

    • Still not enough and some was money he made on the dogs. He doesn’t deserve anothe dime, ever.

  34. I don’t exactly find the testimony of Vick’s so-called friends that he committed acts against even a single animal credible. People trying to get themselves off the hook will and do say whatever it takes to make sure someone else (esp someone high profile) takes the fall for their despicable behavior.

    I wish more white people could wrap their minds around the common feeling in the African American community that white people value, respect and care more about dogs than their minority brothers and sisters. (For the record, I am white myself.)

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Thank you for your comment, Diana. And for the record…. [drumroll] I am white too. I know, shocker, huh? But i do admire how in tune, especially as a white woman, you are with the African American community. You certainly have the pulse of the movement. 😉

      But I don’t really get the point of your argument. But I will tell you that anyone who does the things Michael Vick and his cohorts did, regardless of color, are valued in my book less than the innocents they tortured. Again, just my humble WHITE opinion.


      • As a bartender, I had the Louisiana Gamefowl Association (or some title to that effect) stay in my hotel and I can tell you they’re thinly disguised cockfighters. In fact, the president waddled downstairs and loudly started bragging about the fights he had staged in East Texas…why do people think bartenders will keep secrets like a priest when its something like this? It took 2 hours for someone to finally tell him to be quiet when they looked around and didn’t find many sympathetic people sitting around them and a bartender who had been quietly listening to every word they said. I passed it right along to the ASPCA. Hope something good came out of it.

        My point here is that all of these men were white. Don’t talk to me about white people valuing animals more. Certain cultures value animals differently, but does that imply that the black population of the world, or even of one continent, is all one large cultural group? I don’t think so, any more than the white community is one large cultural group. I personally find dogfighting a tad more disturbing because these are animals meant to be loyal human companions, but really, the end result is that an innocent animal is brutalized for the bloodlust/greed of a group of people. It doesn’t really matter what species the animal is, the same way it doesn’t matter what color the person is who is doing it.

        And even if you wanted to argue that he didn’t know better, that he was just following a learned cultural custom, remember the way these animals were killed. It would be much more efficient to just shoot a failed dog. Bullets are cheap and fast. But, electrocuting them, hanging them, bashing them to bits? Creating a scenario for electrocution that doesn’t go badly wrong takes planning, and hanging takes time and thought as well. Bashing the dog to bits takes a lot of physical effort. There is no way any of these methods are more practical than a simple shot to the head, so we’re left with one option- these guys LIKED doing these things. They were mad the dog didn’t perform and got off to making it suffer on its way out. These people are sick, this is not a cultural thing.

        I think there are a few examples of people learning empathy later in life after growing up in an abusive situation, but that takes a lot of effort on both sides. That person has to want to change. And why should Vick want to change? He’s got a new sneaker deal, BET (pretending it represents the black community) is all for him, even Subway doesn’t have the guts to officially denounce him, even though I think they’re probably the least guilty of all parties involved. He’s back playing football and everyone loves a good game. Its obvious to me that animal abuse laws AND perceptions of animal abusers need to change. I think an animal feels pain and fear just as easily as a child does, and imagine how many people might be alive today if someone had actually done something about that weird kid who bragged about hurting his puppy or kitten. Maybe he should have to go around the neighborhood and tell people he’s an animal abuser, like child molesters have to do. Sadism is NOT a cultural trait and its not ‘boys being boys’. If Michael Vick wants a dog, he and his family can nurse maimed pit bulls back to health and explain that to his kids. He wont’ do it again, but not because he’s changed fundamentally. He simply won’t risk losing everything again in the exact same way. Still though, he’s going to need something weaker than him to abuse before long and he gets too much press to take it out on his kids or wife. Something tells me he’ll be hiding a dead prostitute before long because he’ll consider them just as disposable as pit bulls. After all, to Vick, another being’s life only matters if he’s on camera.

      • chrisdurant2000 Says:

        Thank you for the well thought out and intelligent response Taryn!! -CD

    • And you are an idiot. They were all hurting dogs and didn’t “get off”. Vick the Dick got a slap on the hand and I love my dogs more than anyone doing this shit REGARDLESS OF THEIR COLOR.!!!!!

  35. Grayman Says:

    Chris, you make your case with the facts, then inject your opinion into the situation. You have a right to feel the way that you do about Vick. You went off the rails when you began to talk about what associations you would not belong to. By default you belong to them. Remember why African Americans had to create these organizations… It wasn’t becasue the establishment was very welcoming. In fact it shows your inability to understand how you were born on 3rd base and think you hit a triple. I sincerely hope you never do anything of this nature and need to be forgiven. As some one who’s had an upper hand, because of the color of my skin, it amazes me when guys of my race lean on their priviledge and act as if they dont. You didn’t have nearly the hardships of the past weighing your present and future down, yet you have this mentality that “those” organizations are unfair or should not be. Shame on you! Dislike the sin and try and help the sinner. Don’t pull the BS indignation and pepper your veiled racism in the end “My Brother”!

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      GRAYMAN: “I sincerely hope you never do anything of this nature and need to be forgiven.”

      Grayman, if I ever do the things that Michael Vick and his friends did, I don’t honestly know how my privileged, white behind, could possibly seek, or expect to deserve forgiveness.

      But along that line, It is my belief that forgiveness starts with one’s self. This implies an acknowledgement of the perceived wrong. I do not believe that Michael Vick has ever truly acknowledged his level of involvement and exactly what actions he personally undertook against those dogs. So many people find it convenient to discount what he did or simply ignore it as ‘just dog fighting’ (or to your point, the “system” made him that way) because at the heart of it all, they really don’t know. I didn’t know myself, until I looked into it.

      “I’m sorry I ran a dog fighting ring, I know that was wrong.” Is not a worthy admission of guilt to reconcile Vick in the eyes of so many who cannot fathom the level of disregard required to sadistically torture and kill animals the way that he and his friends did.

      Perhaps Vick is only sorry that he got caught, his PR team has done a good job of shielding him from discussing it (read: Oprah interview cancelled). That is not a good start to begin the atonement process, in my humble opinion.

      Because if he were to finally decide: ‘I want to end this, I want to put all of this in the past, I want to get it all out in the open and be able to move forward with my life’ and truly admit the vile acts he committed. I can tell you that I for one would sincerely look at him with a different view. Perhaps like a man who has acknowledged his wrongs and is genuinely working to correct his past instead of someone who hopes upon hope that the ignorant public will forever be in the dark about his evil actions.

      His turn….

      But in the end, all of this is just “Casper’s” opinion. 😉

    • Umm excuse me.. but when did he ever make this a thing about color? I suppose that if it had been a white man who committed these horrid crimes, you would be ok with his disassociation with these associations?

      And for petes sake.. will you give up on the the ” hardships of the past and present ” speech.. YES we know.. people of color have not had a good history here … its as atrocious as the crime this man COMMITTED… !!! BUT , he still committed the “sin” regardless of his skin color.. I dont give a rats ass if he was pink and purple polka dotted… HE KILLED INNOCENT ANIMALS BECAUSE THEY WERE ANIMALS. The penalty was not served accordingly and this guy is walking around as if he’s the martyr of the century whining because he cant have another animal…
      He wasnt.

  36. Allison Says:

    It has nothing to do with color! I don’t understand why people are always so quick to say that?! Clearly, they are just so unintelligent and ignorant of the facts.

    I find it ironic considering my 3 Pitbulls are banned in certain cities, certain parks, certain provinces. Dogs who even “look like Pitbulls” aren’t allowed in these places…even if their not! I can’t even rent an apartment here because my dogs are “of the bully breed.” This breed is continually DISCRIMINATED against because of what idiots(I’m being nice here) like Vick do to them! It’s racial profiling at its best…so go get educated and get over yourself!


  38. Sandi Hamrick Says:

    I believe in giving second chances but, to people that deserve it! You, Michael Vick I can’t even call you an animal, you are a sadistic, serial killer! I don’t care if it’s people or animal’s, a killer is a killer. Someday you will stand in front of God and get your just punishment. It can’t be soon enough for me! The people that have “forgiven’ you are just as sick as you are. You will never win enough games or make enough money for yourself and the one’s that kiss your ass to ever make what you did alright! You should suffer the same fate as those animal’s that trusted you. You spoiled rich punk!

  39. […] Here is the link – “Michael Vick Was WRONGLY CONVICTED!” […]

  40. Sounds like you are a bit jealous, dogfighting has been going on for centuries, you folks act like this is something Vick created. Fact is you didn’t get that concerned until there was a wealthy black man was involved in doing the same wrong white folks have been doing all the time. I am waiting to see if Jeffrey Nally gets the same hate as Michael Vick. You say he deserved more time in prison because of these dogs, when others who have committed the exact same crime, didn’t spend a day in prison or jail, by working in the justice system and seeing many animal abuse and dogfighting cases, I know that to be a fact. How many other defendants can you name, who have committed the exact same crime go to federal prison, for bankrolling a dogfighting ring………..name just one, or how many have been court ordered to pay one million dollars for restitution, again just one. How many times have any of you (including Chris Durant) gone into the neighborhoods in which you suspect animal abuse and dogfighting continues, and tell those folks the exact same thing you say here in cyberspace……………my guess none.

    I am curious to know, why it is when articles are written about Michael Vick and Badnewz Kennel, why is there never any mention of the two codefendants, do any of you know where they are or what they are up to these days, or do you even remember their names? How can you seperate them from Michael Vick, when they were all involved in the same crime, they are all codefendants. Could it be because Michael Vick is a professional football players, earning millions, and the other two well they are just your everyday “joe”. If the real concern was animal welfare, the amount a person earns shouldn’t make a difference.

    I can remember all to well when White folks trained dogs to attack Blacks. Bottom line is you folks are just a bunch of racist hyprocrites, you found a black man you feel you can bash and that is exactly what you are doing. You are mad that he was reinstated into the NFL, signed with the Eagles, and earning millions, had that not been the case you wouldn’t care. Which makes you the hypocrites that you are. Now lets wait and see how quickly Chris Durant, goes and does a report on Jeffrey Nally, I am hoping that you all no who he is and what he is accused of doing.

    • mirandahpanda@gmail.com Says:

      “you all no who he is” Pete, if you are going to bitch someone out, RULE 1: use proper grammar and spelling, OK?

    • chrisdurant2000 Says:

      Well Pete, I have said it before and I will say it again. I don’t really care, at all, if Michael Vick is black. In fact I actually wish he was not so that I would not have to deal with some many people like you who continue to bring up that ridiculously played race card. Yes, nice observation… I AM WHITE! Michael Vick is BLACK! But NO WHERE in that article do I mention color at all (except the notable mention of the little “RED” dog that was beaten to death by Vick and Philips). Make no mistake, race is something that you brought up.

      And yes I know well who the co-defendants (there were four by the way, NOT two – three were a part of Vick’s case and the other was not) are and what they were accused of and what they pled to. But the point of all of this was indeed Vick and in fact exactly to your point because of he is who he is, and that the President of the United States thinks he’s a swell guy and the CEO of the Humane Society of the United States thinks it would be good for him to have a dog. Both of these is absurd. Again to your point, if he were a normal Joe would either of these situations exist. The answer is a resounding “NO!”

      And one last note that will probably cast me in a very wrong light with many of my friends and associates, let me say this…

      The day that I found, join and or support White Entertainment TV (WET), White Magazine, The United White College Fund, the National White Business Trade Organization, or even the National Association of White Journalists then you can point your finger at me and call me a racist and toss all sorts of slanted color related inferences my way. Until such a time, I would respectfully tell you to go look in a mirror. Because it is my firm opinion that it is people like you who continue to perpetuate racial divides in this country and who continue to make racial distinctions by referring to people by their color. And that is the sad hypocrisy in itself. Imagine if you will the absolute fallout that would be plastered all of the major medias if in fact any of the above were instituted.

      Have a nice day.

      • Tina Pruitt Says:

        Pete, I find it very amusing that you think people are disgusted with Vick because of the color of his skin. No one has mentioned his skin color but you, which tells me you are the racist. Vick didn’t create dog fighting, but he certainly did his part in continuing this horrible crime. And yes it is a crime. He didn’t serve his time for this, and I really do not think he is remorseful. As far as what Obama and the president of HSUS thinks, I really do not care. Both of them are possibly motivated by political reasons. I cannot believe how anyone can defend Vick for what he did. That just shows me the type of person you are. What would be poetic justice for Vick would be to blow out both his knees and end his career permanently like he ended the lives of those dogs. Then give him a job cleaning up kennels for minimum wage. As for your comment you can remember when white people trained dogs to attack blacks, unless you are around 100 years old, I seriously doubt it.

    • O.K. Pete, I’m not here to be ugly because you have brought up several truths, so I do understand where you’re coming from. Sadly you are correct, ‘white folks’ have also participated in dog fighting but I don’t think the race card should be pulled on this. I don’t believe anyone is a racist hypocrite, they just can’t fathom the reasoning behind the VIOLENCE that took place against the animals. Just my opinion, it wouldn’t matter to me if it was my next door neighbor or own family member, the richest person in the world or whomever, I would still stand STRONG & OUTSPOKEN for those that can’t speak for themselves. Also, I can name the other gentlemen involved and understand your concerns on how they just got swept under the rug as far as involvement & blame. Vick has been the front man due to it being on his property. It wasn’t on the other gentleman’s property, but on Vick’s. You think he really didn’t know what was going on at that property, he did, that’s why his punishment was more extensive. I do believe in 2nd chances for anyone in due time. I think alot of people think it was too soon for him to just go back to life as it was after all the details on the abuse the dogs took. You wouldn’t put a child back in the home of a serial child molester would you?? At least not until it was proven beyond a doubt he/she was capable & able to not bring on that harm again. I also don’t see color in any matter. You treat people the way you want to be treated, so what if you’re white, black, green, or yellow…or whatever, if someone treats you like dirt & with disrespect, would you still offer a helping hand as well as politeness?? No!! If you’re a jackass, you get treated like a jackass, regardless of skin color. Vick was a violent murderer of innocent animals that just wants love and a chance prove they’re good dogs that shouldn’t be banned. Vick didn’t help with that, he just help push the envelope a lot farther, giving people a reason to be more scared & against pits and easier for people to hate them. It’s really sad because they are loving, loyal, passionate, affectionate animals. and didn’t deserve the brutality they encountered.

    • Animal Lover Says:

      “White folks…black man”? Everything you write is immediately discredited. You are ignorant.

      When you are a public figure, OF ANY COLOR, you are held to a higher standard then say….you!

      This may be nonsense to you pete, but one day you’ll get it.

    • anton deteton Says:

      not too bright, are you Pete?

    • Jane Scroggins Says:

      You are one sick puppy! Aren’t you glad you aren’t a pit bull. I’ve heard all kinds of sick excuses for people behavior but this is the most ludicrous!

    • Pete the fact that Michael Vick was adored by many people before he was found doing this horricle things with inocent animals, is what call the attention of many of us. People need to be responsable for their act and stop of hiding themselves through religions, sexual preferences and racism. What is matter here is not color he carries in his skin but his actions. If you like him you should help him to see what he did is wrong and not agrees that it is okay that he can live a low life just because his color. Stop of finding excuses for a man that for sure are in denial.

    • Melanie Weaver Says:

      Oh please I’m half Black and half Puerto Rican..This isn’t about race..no matter what race, religion, color etc..Vick is what he did is wrong and unacceptable and for people to be praising him and endorsing him and giving him a shit load of money like he never did any of it is disgusting…These poor animals suffered and died or were maimed, tortured and the ones who were lucky enough to survive are still living with the after affects…this isn’t about him being black it’s about what he did!!!!

    • Sally J. Says:

      Bottom line is ANIMAL ABUSE. Black, white, green, whatever doesn’t matter. Or did you forget what the topic was?

    • Once again.. dont remember anyone condemning Vick for being a “professional football player earning millions” or bringing up how much he makes in association with his crimes. Who cares if he was reinstated in the NFL? NOONE CARES!

      I care that he is a vicious and inhumane animal torturer who has since his ” slap on the wrist ” punishment, continued to act like the jackass he is. He got away with murder. Plain and simple. And he knows it.

    • Pete? Are you really this stupid? Spell checker comes with most computers. Your statement is ignorant, racist and insults good black people every where. To defend a criminal because he is black is as stupid as voting for president because of skin color.

      Please make sure you speak only for yourself. There are blacks everywhere that condem Vick for his brutal murder, torture and abuse, his drug use, and other crimes. There are also blacks that are disgusted with the idiot in the white house and of people like you that prove their ignorance as soon as they begin typing or speaking.

      • Jack, your response left no doubt that you voted for president based on color. Referring to the gentleman in the white house as an idiot does not depict intellience. Whether you like him or not does not diminish his intelligence. You come across very badly. You consider Pete stupid? Because you disagree with him? I assure you that it is okay to disagree without either of you being stupid.

    • Diane Davies Says:

      Michael Vick got a lot of press – and likely a lot less time in jail – because he was a celebrity. Yes, dogfighting has been going on for centuries, and people (black, white, brown, etc.) have been getting busted for it. But, none to my knowledge (even MV’s cohorts) turn around and get “forgiven” by a large commercial company like Nike and be given multi-millions of dollars to hock tennis shoes to our children. Pit Bulldogs were originally bred in England for bear baiting and bullbaiting contests, which were equally outrageous and cruel, to bears, bulls and dogs – and have since been outlawed. Dogs trained to attack Blacks, and lynching Blacks, is equally considered to be outrageous and intolerable in society today. The dogs suffer more than anyone – not only in the fights themselves, but in the bad image they have (80-90% of dogs on AC “Kill” lists are pit bulldogs, even though many are sweet, well-trained dogs). The people conducting the current protest against Nike, Subway and BET likely do not go into “those” neighborhoods – we cannot be everywhere. That is what the SPCA and Animal Control, and the District Attorney are for. However, when Michael Vick, who has a VERY high public profile (more so than Nally), and is admired by our children – whether he asked to be a role model or not – is found to have engaged in outrageous, sociopathic behavior toward dependant animals, the public has a right to speak up and say “NO” to Michael Vick. When you live (and make millions) in the public eye by virtue of your public appeal, you will die in the public eye when your public appeal fails. Michael Vick is a VERY public figure. As an athelete/”entertainer” he is a creature of the public; his wealth and status is dependant on public appeal. He chose that life and the resposibility that goes with it. When he violates the public trust (and appeal) in the way that he did, he (and the companies that employ him for commercial endorsements) will pay the price by getting shunned. The public gave him his status and they can take it away. That’s life in the public. Every celebrity knows that, whether they are black, white, brown, or whatever. Live with it. As my mother used to say, “Be sorry first and don’t do it.”

    • Pete,
      I am angry that he was signed with the Eagles and is earning millions but ultimately I am angry because this man is being treated as a hero and our young children our idolizing him. I do agree with you, he should be treated equally. A felon is a felon and how many are able to earn 20 million after rehabilitation??? I don’t care if he is black, white or otherwise as I am sure he didn’t when he condoned or participated in the slaughter of defenseless animals!

      I am not sure why everyone is making this a white or black issue. It appears that the majority of people who support him claim he was a product of his environment and I assume that is why uninformed individuals think that equals black? Well, I am white and my rooster (hippie) who was my pet, was turned into a cock fighter by my older brother and my brother was also as ignorant as M.Vick. He was raised in the same environment that I was but he turned my rooster into a fighter and ultimately I lost my pet. This is not about white and black, this is about ignorance. Who you decide to be as an adult is not defined by your childhood or the environment in which you were raised and it is definitely not defined by the color of your skin!

      Yes,Michael Vick is talented.. But how many men in prison aren’t? I have been a fan of football since I could watch T.V. and I am not going to support it as long as people like him are allowed to play and be treated like a hero. If he tested positive for steroids as many times equivalent to the dogs who died in his care, would he be permitted to play?

      • So it is about the fact that he is getting a lot of money. That makes you and others angry as much as the fact that he was vicious. I was upset about the dogs that were killed. I could not care about how much money he makes. Only the vicious acts upset me.

        Although I don’t think she should have been prosecuted, Martha Stewart is someone who was convicted and is making millions. (just to answer your question.) Are you angry because she ws welcomed back on televisions and participates in many retail venues? Perhaps it is awful that I think it is alright for her to earn whatever her abilities and fans allow.

    • Codefendants…his cousins and his ‘boys.’

  41. What Michael Vick did was wrong, truely disgusting. Any one who does something like that to animals deserves to spend some time in jail. But people come on this is a human being we are talking about! EVERYONE makes mistakes, his mistake was worse than others i admit, but sending him to jail for life? Putting him to death??? are you kidding me? thats just crazy! there are people playing pro sports that killed other HUMAN BEINGS and were not even put in jail. Michael Vick, did his time, he volunteers for the humane society on his days off and is just trying to live his life! cut the man a break, he is not “the hitler of animals” or “satan of pitbulls” he is a man who made a mistake and is trying to change. If you were in his position would you want another chance? think about that?

    • i agree joe1, people need to stop the hating

      • Jane Scroggins Says:

        I have to admit that I hate anyone who treats an animal like this and have no respect for anyone who defends them! My companion dog is a pit bull and a sweeter more well behaved dog would be impossible to find. Yeah I hate cruel morally depraved, SOBs!

    • Animal Lover Says:

      if these were children and not animals would you feel different?

      • i would feel differently if these were children of course! but animals are NOT children! its really sad what he did but come on! because he’s an athlete he gets no second chance? if he were a regular guy he wouldve been out of jail and you’d still hate him? it seems that he’s trying to reform his life, give him the benefit of the doubt! hating the man gets you no where, sorry

      • Yes if he were a regular guy we would still hate him. There is no redemption EVER for such heinous acts of cruely.

      • Animals are as innocent as children, they do not deserve to be attacked, murdered and tortured. If Vick had been a “regular’ guy, he would still be in prison.

    • Rhonda A. Boos Says:

      A mistake is hanging out with these people and not knowing it. A mistake is not gleefully participating for six years. Anyone that enjoyed doing what he did with his own hands did not make a mistake.

    • Everyone makes mistakes. The majority of the population dont make the mistake that results in the loss of life regardless of what type it is. Even moreso…the loss of numerous lives.

      Jail for life? I agree.. why should we be made to pay for his three square meals a day and a roof over his head? (A luxury his dogs probably werent afforded) Death.. yea.. thats too harsh huh? I mean how do you make the connection to put a man to death for his ACTIVE participation and murder of numerous life forms? Guess you think thats too harsh… I mean we cant jail him and pay for it… cant put him to death like he did his animals… he got off early from his court mandated time, paid less in restitution and penalties for his crimes AND now he’s this peace loving , volunteering man who wants his life back , with a NFL career making huge money and living life… you know .. the one thing his animals DONT HAVE! Oh yea.. and add to that he wants to own ANOTHER animal…
      Yea.. I can see where he deserves another chance huh?


    • Some things should never be forgiven. Torturing another living creature is one of those things.

      And while you may not value animals as much as people; there are people that do. My rabbits ARE my children. I would do anything for them. I know I’m not the only person that has “pets” as their “children.” Both are innocent. Neither deserve this treatment.

    • Sorry for my ignorance, but what professional football player killed someone and wasn’t prosecuted? Michael Vick did his time for his crime, so you say, but he should not be allowed to be portrayed as a hero for our youth because he has a good arm! Cut the man a break??? Are you kidding??? A mistake would be killing one dog.. Dude, this man killed many many dogs and tortured even more for money when he was earning more than most of us could hope to earn in our life time! Forgiveness is one thing, being allowed to play football and earn, what 20 mil is another!

    • He didin’t ‘do his time’ as he was stupidly NEVER charged with dog abuse at all. This is waaay out of the ‘my bad, I made a mistake’ realm. He enjoyed it, traveled to do it, even gave his kids’ little pets to be bait dogs. This is a evil man who onlyv’volunteers’ as his parole demands it. I hope the man has a career ending injury, maybe one including paralysis and he can feel fear every day of his pathetic worthless life. Btw…any of you defenders ever watch him before all this?? He was never that good of a QB, no rings, and now is self destructing. One good year and the thug ass kissers are out. All you Vick lovers…ever see him shoot the bird at his fans in Atl? He doesn’t give a shit about any of you.

    • Would I deserve a chance or be fit to volunteer with animals? That right to a chance is earned and includes remorse. The lack of prosecution of other sports heroes only confirms the privileged treatment of high profile sports. Using bad judgement to justify other bad judgements doesn’t help. How about actually holding people accountable.

  42. Karen Dayon Says:

    Hey all!! Do you think that if everyone really thought that much about pitbulls that they would boycott every and any games that Michael Vick plays in?? ONLY THEN WILL THE MESSAGE GET ACROSS!! Just think about that!!

  43. MICHAEL VICK is the Lethal Weapon of Mass Destruction!! He is the Hitler of the dog world!!! Satan to the Pit Bull Breed for the brutal slaying, electrocuting beating burning drowning bludgeoning of Gods creatures ! He is treated like a king because HE makes people lots of money!!! He has no remorse would Still be doing it if he did not get caught!!!

  44. he should be ashamed of himself

  45. […] I have a pit bull mix that I rescued from out of the hands of a homicidal maniac. Vick is a psychopath and should be in jail and / or a psych hospital. […]

  46. Laura Pieper Says:

    Thank you. Just thank you for writing this. As the owner of three pit bulls it angers me every time people say he served his time. I don’t want to focus on it for the rest of my life but I do want people to understand the gravity of what he did and not be as quick to forgive the actions of a man that is clearly a sociopath.

    Thanks again!

  47. Chris, I don’t think that you went into enough detail that VA declined to charge him, because VA just couldn’t afford the costs to take him to trial, so they let the Federal charges speak for the situation ,and that is why this piece of a guy served not enough time, and is now the QB of the Eagles. If VA had charged him his career would of been most likely over just on the fact of time served. He should never had been let back in. More importantly we all have to put pressure on the judge when his time comes back up to review if this POS can have a dog. I just wonder what happen to the dog that the girl friend owned?

  48. Watch this video of Mr Hunter, new owner of Mel, one of Vick’s dogs, listen as he tried to talk to Vick about how Mel is doing!!

    • truthnoapology Says:

      By law Vick is not allowed to communicate about these people. Didn’t Mr Hunter already receive compensation for taking in Vick’s dog?

      • Totally not the point at all. The point is Vick the Dick is the same now as in 2006. He doesn’t care. All he does is mandated by his parole and the idiots kissing his ass should be ashamed.

    • What am I in the twilight zone? “EVERYONE makes mistakes”, this was not a MISTAKE, this was premeditated, sadistic, torture and murder, which he has admitted to enjoying. The responses here leave me with bile in my throat and extreme disappointment in the human race.

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